YouTube confirms a test where the comments are hidden by default

YouTube’s statements section has a bad reputation. It’s even been called” the most difficult on the internet ,” and a thought of YouTube’s overall toxic culture,where creators are rewarded for outrageous demeanor — whether that’s tormenting and manipulating their children, filming footage of a suicide scapegoat, promoting dangerous “miracle cures” or sharing plots, to call a few high-profile specimen. Now, the company is considering a designing modification that disguises the comments by default.

The website XDA Developers firstly spotted the test on Android designs in India.

Today, YouTube’s comments don’t have a prominent statu on its mobile app. On both iOS and Android devices, the YouTube video itself emerges at the top of the screen, followed by engagement buttons for sharing, liking, disliking, downloading and saving the video. Below that are recommendations from YouTube’s algorithm in a area named” Up Next .” If you actually want to visit specific comments, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

In the test, the comments have been removed from this foot area of the page entirely.

Instead, they’ve been relocated to a brand-new section that users can only view after clicking a button.

Alphabet Inc.

The brand-new Mentions button is noted between the Thumbs Down and Share buttons, right below the video.

It’s unclear if this alteration will reduce or increase user engagement with commentaries, or if commitment is still in flat — something that YouTube likely wants to find out, too.

On the one hand, notes are hidden unless the user manually taps on the button to reveal them — customers won’t happen upon them by scrolling down. On the other hand, putting the comments button behind a click at the top of the page instead of forcing customers to scroll could attain them easier to access.

As XDA Developers reports, when you’ve loaded up this new Comments section, you can pull to freshen the page to see the newly added mentions appear. To exit, you tap the “X” button at the top of the window to close the section.

While it reported the test was underway in Android devices in India, we’ve justified it’s also appearing on iOS and is not limited to a particular region. That means it’s something YouTube wants to test on a broader scale, rather than a feature it’s considering for a localized form of its app for Indian users.

The change comes at a time when YouTube’s comments area has been discovered to be more than exactly the dwelling to bully, mistreat, arguings and other unhelpful content, but likewise a tool that was exploited by pedophiles. A ring of pedophiles had communicated through the comments to share videos and timestamps with one another.

YouTube reacted then by disabling commentaries on videos with kids. More recently, it’s been considering moving children content to a separate app.( Regrettably, it will never consider the appropriateness of having built a pulpit where young children is feasible to put one across public display for the entire world to see .)

A YouTube spokesperson corroborated the Comments test, in a statement released, but downplayed the critical importance by referring to it as one of many small-time ventures the company is running.

” We’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch, share and interact with the videos that matter most to them ,” the spokesperson told TechCrunch.” We are experimenting a few different options on how to display notes on the watch page. “Its one of” numerous small-scale ventures we run all the time on YouTube, and we’ll consider wheel boasts out more broadly based on feedback on these ventures .”

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