YouTube channel shows what would happen if all nuclear bombs exploded at same time

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Perhaps you’ve never reflected the question. Or perhaps having Donald Trump as chairwoman has shaped you wonder. Either direction, a YouTube channel is answering: What would happen if all the world’s nuclear bombs were detonated at once?

Apparently, many people would like to know.

The YouTube channel Kurzgesagt–In a Nutshell (8. 4 million subscribers) posted its animated rebuttal on Sunday. At the time of this writing on Monday, it had accumulated more than 4.8 million views.

According to the canal, the committee is 15,000 nuclear weapon on earth( the U.S. and Russia combined own almost half ), though that’s reportedly much less than the 70,000 that existed in 1986. Meanwhile, the committee is 4,500 metropolis or domains around that globe that home at least 100,000 people. On average, Kurzgesagt–In a Nutshell calculated that it would take three atomic weapon to destroy the entirety of one of these cities.

” This symbolizes ,” the video’s narrator said,” “weve been able” destroy every single city on the planet Globe with our nuclear arsenal, killing more than 3 billion people, roughly half of humanity, in an instant .”

And still, there’d be 1,500 nuclear weapons left over.

If you combined all of the nuclear weapons in one large-scale pile–apparently, they could all fit into the size of a small warehouse–it would be the equivalent of 3 billion tons of TNT. So, what the hell is happen if their fuses were all well-lighted at once?

The video explains all. Spoiler: It would not be a good thing.

Even if you survived the initial detonation, the following radioactivity poison would be deadly. Human rights apparently would survive–and even if not, the world itself would eventually replenish it without the human species( which would probably be better for the Earth, anyway ). Still, it’s probably best if we never actually set this venture into practice. It resounds less than pleasant.

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