You Can’t Hate San Francisco Unless You Love San Francisco

Everybody hates San Francisco right now. “San Francisco broke America’s heart, ” The Washington Post declared last-place month. “This city is dead, ” says a prototypical lily-white yuppie as she travels a Muni bus in the brand-new movie The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

“You don’t get to hate San Francisco. You don’t get to hate it unless you cherish it, ” rebuttals Jimmie Fails, a reference played by the actor Jimmie Fails. The panorama comes toward the end of the film, which is loosely based on Fails’ real life growing up in San Francisco.

It’s a moment both cutting and generous, clarifying the tension at the heart of the film, this city, this country, this time. To dislike San Francisco may be trendy, but strangers and newcomers rolling their eyes at homelessness, rising leases( average one-bedroom: $3,700 a few months ), and tilting skyscrapers haven’t payed their dislike. They haven’t is out there, fighting to hold on to a city as it whirls around them.

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