Woman Asked Housemate To Look After Her Plants Whilst Shes Away For A Couple Weeks And Got These

When Lauren French from London booked a trip over the Atlantic, she started looking for someone who could look after her flowers. Jack, her housemate, was the perfect campaigner. He’s funny, thoughtful; everything you’d want in a person who’s caring for your bushes. And, just days later, Jack sent Lauren a set of draws, hilariously showing that he’s not cutting any corners.

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“There’s 4 of us who live together, ” Lauren told Bored Panda . “I and the other 2 used to live together for 5 years. I’ve known Jack for a few years but he only moved in a couple of months ago. Obviously a prudent select! ”

“Jack’s the best, ” Lauren said. “He’s always doing really funny, amusing things like this and is always moving us laugh. He is just the most wholesome person ever. Our morning planneds are similar so if I’m in the shower when he wakes up, he’ll leave a cup of coffee by my area for when I get out. We cherish him so much.”

Lauren has 5 flowers in her area, and Jack shaped sure they get the attention they deserve. Laura got his photos 3 days after she left, and she absolutely loved them. “I flew to New York on Friday morning. I got a WhatsApp message Friday PM from him saying he’s looking after the plants like I requested( I asked him because our other two housemates are in Canada at the moment and he’s the only one at home) and yeah, I was howling. What a legend.”

This is the first time Jack is plant-sitting for Lauren, and, by the searches of it, it probably isn’t his last!

People immediately fell in love with Jack’s dedication

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