Will & Kate Visited Harry & Meghan – But Is The Feud Over Now? Or EVEN WORSE?? – Perez Hilton

Have the Royals restored their schism?

If not, this must have been one clumsy afternoon…

We knew Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t get a chance to attend the big Easter Sunday services at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle this year. With Meghan was just about to pop, she’s pretty much housebound from here on in.

We’d actually hoped the Duchess would be giving birth that day — not only would the Royal Baby be an Easter miracle, he or she would also ought to have birthday twinsies with the Ruler!

But what did happen was a miracle of kinds, if all the rumors of fighting in the Royal family are to be believed.

We’ve just found out Kate Middleton and Prince William paid the expectant parents a residence bawl!

After the Easter service, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought the holiday festivities to their in-laws in their first time ever visit to Frogmore Cottage in its freshly renovated form.

Hopefully they didn’t see any ghosts…

Frogmore is literally in the middle of a graveyard. So spooky!/( c) Instagram

They did however make something spooky with them — the specter of conflict!

There are numerous rumored feuds at the moment, enough to turn teatime into Carnage if all true.

First off, Kate and Meghan supposedly don’t get along.

Supposedly they’re such different identities, they’ve been clashing since the American first arrived on the scene.

Fans even conjectured their friction was the impetus behind Harry and William separating their courts.

Later, however, a brand-new conjecture initiated to rise; Harry and William were the ones feuding.

Why? Well, a rumor has been proliferating through Brit high society for months now about Prince William “feel like i m cheating on” Kate with a neighbor named Rose Hanbury .

VOTE: Do YOU Believe Prince William Cheated On Kate Middleton ??

Some wonder if Harry could be used disturbance with his brother for recreating the gossip which broke up their parents so many years ago.

So we have Meghan vs Kate, Kate vs Will, Will vs Harry … and hitherto they all got together on Easter Sunday.

Did they hash things out? Perhaps.

We can say a few days after the gathering, two of the Royals were together in public — the strange pairing of Kate and Harry, who attended the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving together on Thursday.

” Don’t you detest it when Will- ” ” Yes !”/( c) John Rainford/ WENN

Are these the only two who can still get along?

Did the Frogmore see make it worse ??( Were there g-g-ghosts ??)

What do YOU think of all the recent talk of Royal feuds? Is there anything to it or not ??

[ Image via Lia Toby/ WENN .]

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