Why Having A Personal Trainer Is Actually Beneficial

Getting in shape isn’t ever easy. And let’s face it, you may never have perfectly sculpted abs or toned arms , no matter how many times you go to hot yoga or lift things up and apply them down. For whatever ground, so many people are hesitant to be achieved of providing assistance when their workout procedure merely ain’t cutting it. So we connected with Matt Sauerhoff, the founder and CEO of The LIV Method, to share five reasons for having a personal trainer is actually beneficial for achieving the results you’ve been reverie about, but not checking IRL.

1. You’ll receive a entirely customized workout plan according to your unique the requirements and goals .

NEWS FLASH: What J.Lo does at the gym isn’t guaranteed to work for you too. That’s because celebs have…wait for it…personal teaches! Everybody( and every body ) is different. Personal coaches are literally trained to make sure you’re working out to the best of YOUR ability to get maximum makes based on YOUR body type and goals.

Your first conference with a personal trainer is often complimentary( it always is at The LIV Method ), and it’s basically only a casual hang sesh, so don’t be scared or expect to go full-force right away. Matt says, “At The LIV Method, we have a 15 -minute chat as a preliminary meet to best was aware that our client’s wants, motives, and challenges are, so we can best prepare for their first hearing. No one’s workout is ever the same, as no two people are the same. Our sessions are as unique as our fingerprints.”

“It’s likewise an opportunity for you( the client) to see if this person is someone you like and want to invest in. While knowledge is influence, chemistry is EVERYTHING.”

2. You’re frustrated and don’t understand WTF you’ve been doing wrong .

You’ve been going to the gym for a year now soooo like, where the f* ck are your abs?

So many of my friends who do yoga are super thin and colors. Other friends of mine elevate weights and have arms to literally die for. But when I took yoga castes and load learnt at the gym, I basically abode physically stagnant( likely because I didn’t know what I was doing, but still ).

People who usually go to Matt and The LIV Method may be divided into two categories: 1) active and thwarted, or 2) inactive and frustrated. Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean your workout is productive. So what are we doing incorrect?

“While world-class can be a great outlet and exercising, there isn’t enough consistency or progression on a week-to-week basis to allow their own bodies to accommodate in any specific space. Trainers exploit various categories of science-based principles to remove the guesswork from activity. Everything we do has a purpose and is part of a greater plan.” Yay, discipline!

3. You’ll learn what to do inside AND outside of the gym to get optimal makes .

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It’s not just what you do inside the gym that drives results. It’s actually everything you do, including how many pints of ice cream you snack after your workout, and the amount of luscious, sugary margaritas you booze on the weekends.

“The biggest blow we can have on our buyers is OUTSIDE the gym where they expend the majority of their period, ” Matt told us. “There are 168 hours in a week, and we are lucky to be able to see our patrons for more than one to two of them, which is why we sharpen so heavily on education and entitling our clients to make better decisions on their own.”

Simply hiring a personal coach does NOT mean you will automatically see answers. At the end of the day, it’s entirely on YOU. But the knowledge you gain from them will last-place a lifetime, which is what manufactures qualifying with health professionals 100% merit your time all the time ( whether “youre using” it or not ).

4. You’ll have someone to hold you accountable, and help you in your fitness passage every step of the course .

You can’t find a treadmill at the gym on January 1 if their own lives depended on it, then the parking lot is back to its usual half-empty self come February 1. You buy an influencer based workout DVD and expect to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel after week two, then throw in because life gets in the way.

You know the deal. While motivation comes and exits, a personal coach is always there to keep you accountable and consistently working toward your goals.

“When chatting with any brand-new buyer, we ever take our time to help our patrons recognize not just the “what” but more importantly the “WHY” so we can continue to remind members as to why we started in the first place.”

“Most people start their jaunt with a high level of motive, and full intentions to achieve exactly what we setting out to accomplish. But meeting answers is not an immediate thing. It takes will power, grit, and determination to have the longevity necessary to see it through.”

5. You’ll become your best self- mentally, emotionally, and physically .

Working with the right personal teach can be a life-changing knowledge that’s value every penny. If visible results are what you want, and you’re not get them on your own, then it might be time to consider hiring someone to help you.

I asked Matt to give me one thing personal coaches said that he hoped that regular gym-goers knew about their services and how they can help, and his reply actually hit home for me.

He said, “If self-improvement is the objective, then hiring the RIGHT personal trainer is a game changer. I have built my life around helping others become the highest possible versions of themselves. The LIV Method is my symbol on this earth and my mission to help as many people as I can to realize their full potential. I have surrounded myself with the best coaches in the industry who all share a common vision and purpose and who look forward to showing you what LIVing is all about! ”

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I’ll develop a glass of wine-colored to that! Or a salad? IDK. I’m merely a columnist who works out a couple of times a week, and I clearly requirement a personal teach. #SOS

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