Why Each Zodiac Sign Absolutely HATES Almost Relationships


Because they are impatient people. When they require something — or someone — they require it. They don’t want to wait.


Because they’re ready to settle down in a serious, committed relationship.


Because they have high standards and high expectations. They aren’t the type to settle.


Because they have obsessive personalities. They get attached readily. Once they fall for you, they want to date you.


Because they hate the estimate their feelings might be unreciprocated. They hate feeling like they might be the one who maintenances more.


Because they’re too mature to play dating plays. They don’t have the time or the patience to guess what’s running through your mid.


Because they wear their centers on their sleeve. They don’t know how to come across as instead of.


Because they think almost relationships are a copout. They don’t want to get strung along. They don’t want to get used.


Because they see the world in black and white. You either mean everything to them or nothing to them. They don’t know how to handle almosts.


Because they are brutally honest about how they feel — and expect you to behave the same way.


Because their self-esteem isn’t the highest. When you send them mixed signals, they start interrogate themselves.


Because they have been hurt too many times before to set themselves in such a vulnerable situation again.


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