When Drake turns up at your local club

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Niket Bhatti doesn’t usually go to Club Republic in Leicester on a Thursday night but this week he made an exception.

There’d been rumours that Drake was going to turn up at the small venue and Niket is a massive fan.

Many didn’t believe the three-time Grammy award winner would actually show at the 2,000 capacity club.

He’d made a similar promise in 2017, and not turned up.

Club Republic

Niket took a gamble though and it paid off. He arrived at 23:00 GMT, shortly after Drake had posted a picture of the flyer for the aftershow in Leicester.

He then had to wait over two hours before Drake came on stage at 01:20 GMT.

The Canadian rapper had been playing to a crowd of 16,000 earlier in the night in Birmingham as part of his Assassination Vacation tour.

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