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We all cherish reading about our zodiac signs, even if they are horoscopes might not be the most scientifically accurate. The firebrand merely divulged the results from their 2019 SKYN Condoms Sex& Intimacy Survey , which asked 2,000 Gen-Z adults( 18 -2 2) and millennials( 23 -3 8) in the US and Canada detailed information about everything from condom use and sexual education to favorite sexual post and fictions. Some of the results were kind of surprising–like how 65% of Gen-Z reports expending a condom all or some of the time, while only 54% of millennials could say the same. Some were disappointing, like how Gen-Z forges orgasms more often than millennials( 10% of the time versus 6 %, respectively ). But in addition to breaking down their findings by generation, we worked with Skyn to break things down by astrological signal. It’s the perfect concoction of astrology and discipline. So read on to find out what your zodiac sign discloses about how “youre in” bed.



According to Skyn’s research, if you’re an Aquarius-born person, you use lube most frequently and toys while you masturbate. While those are all great qualities for project partners, if your SO is an Aquarius, don’t bother asking for a threesome. They are least likely to have one. On pinnacle of that, they are the least adventurous when it comes to points to have sex, so keep it in the bedroom.



If you’re a Pisces, you’re freaky. You are most likely to have filmed yourself and a partner having copulation multiple times. But !! If you’re going to film yourself having sexuality, make sure everyone involved permissions and is over 18 (* coughing* Rob Lowe* cough *). As well, you’re more likely to be in an open relation and are the biggest love of vibrators. But beware of calling your marriage the wrong epithet, since you are most likely to do so. Yikes.



Ahh Aries. Lucky for you, you last a long time during sex–an average of 31 minutes. You’re also most likely to use a sexuality toy. Merriment! Nonetheless, “youre gonna have to” likewise most likely to have had a dry sorcery( aka no copulation) for over two years, other than when you lost your V card. Maybe that has to do with the fact that you are also most likely to forge an orgasm. 12% of Aries reported faking an orgasm every damn period they had copulation. Unless you’re imitating Sally, Stop saying that!



If you’re a Taurus, you’re least likely to want to spice things up in the bedroom. So either you’re intimidated or super vanilla. No dishonor in the latter, but if it’s the former, maybe work on it? It’s worth it to switch things up, I predict. Skyn likewise was indicated that you would prefer to give up social media for a year instead of sexuality, and like honestly, I agree. Ultimately, if anyone is interested in having an open relationship, hit up a Taurus’ cause they are most likely to consider it.



Beware of Geminis. While you are least likely to fake an orgasm( taken due note, Aries ), you are most likely to overreport the increasing numbers of people you’ve slept with. Why? Exactly keep it real. But on the flip side, Geminis are < em> likewise most likely to still has become a maiden. I was hoping Steve Carell was a Gemini, but he isn’t. Is Colton ?? Whatever. Unlike a Taurus, you are most reluctant to give up social media for a year over sex. So either you’re v attached to your telephone or the copulation you’ve had is not very good.


Fake orgasm

I’ve never been happier to be referred to as a disease until today. As a Cancer, I have the most sex out of all the signs and am most adventurous outside the bedroom. Seems fitting for the things I write about( sorry mommy ). Cancers desire cowgirl — 37% rated it in their” Top 3 Fav Positions .” And, when it is necessary to one night stands, Cancers are most likely to find someone on a darknes out. Get it, Cancers.


Human behavior

If you’re a Leo, you’re most likely to use social media DMs as a style to sext. You enjoy dirty talk and find it a major confidence booster. You likewise adoration a good blindfold, so partners of Leos, taken due note. But buyer beware: the majority of Leos believe that size is” extremely or somewhat important” for sexual amusement. Listen, it isn’t about the size of the sprig, it’s about the skills of the hotshot( or nonetheless that saying starts ).



Since Virgos are “supposedly” the most studious, you are most likely to meet your SO at academy. Unlike Aquarians, you are most likely to be open to a threesome. Merriment! While you are also more likely to have sex on the first appointment, you are the least likely to experimentation with sexual fluidity. No disgrace in that, though–you know what you like and you stick to it.



Your fav sex position is probs doggy, since 67% of Libra’s rated it in their” Top 3 Fav Positions .” You are least likely to use a condom( I won’t teach you, but be safe pls ). You are most likely to evaluate person with multiple collaborators, and maybe that is you only being bitter, given that a one-quarter of Libras said they masturbate more than five times a week. Maybe lessen up on the judgment, k?


Rob Lowe

You are most likely to buy condoms online, and while you’re at it, throw some cuffs into your Amazon cart since you are also most likely to use some sort of self-restraints, you kinky people. As well, Scorpios are the most successful when it comes to dates apps. You are also most likely to think foreplay is overrated. I disagree but again, I’m a Cancer so …


Sexual acts

You are smart and safe. You are most likely to use condoms, and I commend you for that. Perhaps you should talk to your Libra friends about the wonders of protection. While you are most likely to wrapper it before you tap it, you are least likely to lube it up before you use it. Uh, ouch? You likewise play difficult to get, being among the least likely to have sex on the first date. Lastly, “youd prefer” giving over receiving oral sex. You generous soul.


Sexual intercourse

You find it difficult to be in a relationship, seeing you the most likely to stay single. Although you may be single, you experiment and are the biggest devotees of flavored condoms( don’t worry, Skyn shapes condoms inspired by our fav cocktails ). While you may like flavors, you are rather vanilla when it is necessary to posts. Missionary is the favorite point among Capricorns. And fluke you, Capricorns are most likely to orgasm more than once during sex.

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