What the World Looks Like From the International Space Station

Compiled and edited( and shade graded, denoised, deflickered, stabilized) by Bruce W. Berry Jr, all of 4K video and timelapse strings were taken by the cosmonauts onboard the ISS( NASA/ ESA ). In the video description on Vimeo, Bruce includes:

Some interesting facts about the ISS: The ISS maintains an orbit above the earth with an elevation of between 330 and 435 km( 205 and 270 miles ). The ISS completes 15.54 paths per date around the earth and wanders at a quicken of 27,600 km/ h; 17,100 mph ).

The yellow boundary that you encounter over the earth is Airgolw/ Nightglow. Airglow/ Nightglow is a layer of nighttime light emissions caused by chemical reaction high in Eartha

s atmosphere. A various forms of reactions involving oxygen, sodium, ozone, and nitrogen result in the production of a very faint sum of ignite( Keck A and Miller S et al. 2013 ).

For a roll of locations in order of their image, check out the video description on Vimeo.

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