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Your repugnance rulings? Garbage. My horror sentiments? THE PERFECTION.

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The following is a spoiler-free review of Netflix’s The Perfection .

After months of critic hype and passionate follower opinion, Netflix’s mysterious and controversial The Perfection lastly began streaming on Friday — and already, it’s tearing the fright community apart.

As vast and as varied as the many things that scare us, horror devotees are a unique bunch. Whether you’re dealing with a jam-pack of Conjuring stans or an offbeat group of indie pushers, nailing down exactly what will( and what won’t) fulfill any given audience can be tricky.

So, The Perfection exactly tried all of it.

Without getting into any spoilers, here’s a simplified proposition: Charlotte Willmore( Allison Williams ), a classically learned cellist struggling to cope with the passing of her father, returns to the performance world after an extended hiatus. There she re-encounters her former music instructor Anton( Steven Weber ), his wife Paloma( Alaina Huffman ), and fellow genius Elizabeth( Logan Browning ). Then, occasions get batshit.

Just when you think you know what this movie prompts you of, it’s mutating into something else.

Original, surprising, unique, ludicrous, revolting, and sexy, this feminist panic transport straight from the bowels of the blaze will extract reactions from you like a deranged dentist pulling teeth. Delivering punch after perforate, the beats of The Perfection are consistently jarring but jarringly inconsistent.

In one moment, you’re watching a bad Black Swan spin-off. The next, you’re knee-deep in mas fright a la The Fly. After that, you’re reliving a scene from 127 Hours, a couple of incidents from Boxing Helena, and every last one of the Allison Williams-starring Get Out moments we’ve come to know and adoration.( Okay, minus the Froot Loops .)

Equal roles chunky and silky, the resulting fright mix that is The Perfection is something so brand-new and surprising that you can’t help but be awestruck by it. It’s an assault on the senses and sensibilities — relying is not merely on sickening your adrenaline levels, but subverting the genre’s own referential Rolodex to keep you off balance. Just when you think you know what this movie reminds you of, it’s mutating into something else.

Allison Williams
1 in 2 cellists adoration ‘The Perfection.SSSS

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Anyone who interprets The Perfection </ em> will feel strongly about it. You might adoration it, you might hate it, you are able to not even know if you loved it or detested it.( I, for one, intend to watch this film at least 10 more hours before supply a full ruling — and still can’t be sure if that’s an blurb or a red flag .)

In its final structure, this one-of-a-kind genre Frankenstein is a stand-out terror in an increasingly inventive and competitive battleground. Controversial, slippery, and sickening, The Perfection will get you screaming, then talking.

The Perfection is now streaming on Netflix.

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