Watch Elon Musk Unveil The Tesla Model Y SUV

[Music] [Music] the motto I so like the three it will be extremely safe so that the you may know the mall three has the the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested by the US government the model why we expect will have a similar result five stars never kept every every category with the battery pack alone low in the flow it’s gonna have a very low center of gravity so this will it has the functionality of a of an SUV but will it will ride like a sports car so this thing will be really tight in corners and we expect it will be the safest midsize SUV in the world by far and it tests that we actually always designed with safety as the number one goal it’s it’s like my cable people think okay performance sure but but safety first this is actually by far the most important thing but it’s also gonna be have incredible performance so expect to have as a three and a half second 0 to 60 yeah good and very low center of gravity so great great handling it’s testing out at a point two three drag coefficient which is extremely good for an SUV and in terms of range fair miles yeah so we expect to have an EPA range of an actual true usable range of 300 miles so yeah yeah run it for an interior standpoint it has a panoramic glass roof and by the way yeah after I’m done here you guys will be able to come up and like check out the car so it’s like so it’s gonna have a panoramic glass roof but like really feels like just like the model 3 if you’re in the car it just feels like you’re you can see the sky seed seed 766 cubic feet obviously autopilot since you know all that and as I’ve said publicly we expect to be feature complete with with self-driving sometime later this year and then as as we prove out the safety with billions of miles and kilometres we will from our standpoint feel it’s like safe enough to not pay attention and then get the regulatory approvals sometime thereafter it’ll be able to do basically anything by this year just with soft just with software upgrades which is pretty cool [Applause] so let’s see model y line up ok ok so yeah the the basically long range one we expect to be about $47,000 and then sometime in 2021 we’ll have the sort of standard version which will be have a thirty-nine thousand dollar price point so yeah [Applause] now the seventh seats are optional yeah thank you all for coming I thought those do here and those who have you’re watching thank you very much for your support over the years it’s been you know a hell of a ride and I love you too I love you too we are bringing sexy back quite literally all right thank you [Applause]

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