WATCH: Brilliant Flash of Light at Moment of Conception Proves Life Begins When Sperm Fertilizes Egg


While abortion exponents have long protected their’ pro-choice’ stance by arguing that nobody knows the defining moment when life begins, a color scientific discovery is proving otherwise — in bright, living color.

In 2016, researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago were able to capture the miraculous minute that a sperm manures an egg at the microscopic level.

Their discovery was nothing short of a stunning spectacle of our Creator’s hand at work.

The video they liberated reveals what appears to be a fluorescent display of fireworks taking place at the moment of conception. The’ twinkle of light’ is developed when zinc is released and binds to tiny molecules that “emit a fluorescence, ” merely viewable by microscopes.

While the zinc flicker was discovered in mouse five years prior, it is an earth-shattering scientific breakthrough for researchers to witness the phenomenon in human fertilization.

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“An explosion of tiny flickers erupt from the egg at the exact moment of conception, ” the Telegraph reported. “Scientists had heard the phenomenon are available in other swine but it is the first time it has been also depicted to happen in humans.”

“To view the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking, ” echoed Dr. Teresa Woodruff, a Northwestern University prof. “It was remarkable.”

Life Site likened the dazzling display of light to God’s work of formation as described in Genesis 😛

“God’s active act of invention, as described in Genesis 1, begins with those familiar words ‘Let there is indeed light.’”

Prayerfully, this breakthrough breakthrough accompanies our generation one gradation closer to seeing the beautiful ways in which the Bible and discipline concur, rather than conflict. In the words of the great 19 th-century scientist Matthew Maury 😛

“The Bible is true and science is true-blue, and therefore each, if genuinely read, but substantiates the truth of the other.”


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