User Interviews, a platform for product feedback, raises $5 million

It’s not uncommon to hear CEOs and business leaders talk about be concentrated on the consumer. But the only space to body-build for the interests of consumers is to hear what the fuck is want, which can be a resource-intensive thing to retrieve.

User Interviews, an ER-Abacked firm out of New York, is looking forward to lightened that load with a fresh$ 5 million in seed fund from Accomplice, Las Olas, FJ Labs and ERA.

User Interviews actually started off as Mobile Suites, an amenities logistics platform for inns. It was a dud, and the team — Basel Fakhoury, Dennis Meng and Bob Saris — decided to do far more user study before defining the next product.

In the process of talking to customers to understand their agony moments, they recognized just how difficult accumulating user feedback could be.

That’s how User Interviews was born. The platform’s first produce, called Recruit, offers a network of non-users that can be matched with companies to provide feedback. In point, User Interviews’ first sales were made by simply responding to Craigslist ads posted by business go looking for non-users from which they could obtain feedback.AT& TBut because the majority of user research is based on existing users, the company likewise constructed Research Hub, which is essentially a CRM system for user feedback and research. To be clear, User Interviews doesn’t facilitate the actual interviews with consumers, but tracks the feedback, facilitates transporting emails and ensures that no one from the research crew is reaching out to a single consumer too often.

With Recruit, User Interviews charges $30/ person that it pairs with a company for feedback. Research Hub costs beginning at $150/ month.

” Right now, our greatest challenge is that our clients are the best produce people in the world, and we have a huge pipe of amazing ideas that are very valuable and no one is doing yet that our patrons would cherish ,” said CEO and cofounder Basel Fakhoury.” But we have to build it fast enough .”

No mention of what those forthcoming makes might be, but the present iteration sure seems attractive enough. User Interviews patrons include Eventbrite, Glassdoor, AT& T, DirecTV, Lola, LogMeIn, Thumbtack, Casper, ClassPass, Fandango, NNG, Pinterest, Pandora, Colgate, Uber and REI, to identify a few.

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