UKIP member called for Miller beheading


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Media captionKenneth Allen refuses to answer questions about his “beheading” comments

A UKIP member who said he seemed after party president Gerard Batten at a rallying called for a campaigner to be beheaded, a BBC investigation has found.

Kenneth Allen said Gina Miller, who campaigned for MPs to vote on Article 50, should have her chief chop off and left outside Buckingham Palace.

He also said a “full pig” should have been thrown at a mosque in Blackpool.

Mr Batten said he “deplored” the posts and Mr Allen was not a member when he made the statements on Facebook in 2016.

BBC One Image copyright Kenneth Allen Image caption Kenneth Allen( left) has been photographed alongside UKIP leader Gerard Batten( right)

Mr Allen likewise alerted a woman before the EU referendum to “do yourself a big prefers and vote out so you don’t get raped of( sic) a migrant”.

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