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Lena Headey has taught us many things: like the alternative gist of “brotherly love” and which red wine duos best with mass murder.

Now, the Game Of Thrones superstar is educating us on the* right* way to eat a pineapple.

Yup, you’ve been doing it wrong this whole day and had no freaking hypothesi!

The actress turned the pineapple devouring competition upside down on Sunday when she posted a video to Instagram that presented a hack on how to properly eat the tropical fruit — without expending a bayonet!

In the video, the 45 -year-old harbours a small pineapple in her side and rips off portions of the fruit directly from the rind. Miraculously, each section of her pineapple comes out in a perfect, rectangular part.

See for yourself( below ).

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What is this black magic !?

The pineapple hack led viral overnight, with 100 000 social media consumers slack-jawed over the actress’s play changing procedure.

One of the countless stunned mentions came from Juliette Lewis , who wrote:” Who knew ?!” Other love, meanwhile, joked that Headey’s pineapple hack was a bigger shock than any patch twist in Game Of Thrones .

Many social media customers grabbed the very near pineapple and try our best to recreate Headey’s consumption method. Sadly, most efforts were fruitless:

The subject was also ripe for jokes 😛 TAGEND

But for every 20 fails, there was maybe one success storey 😛 TAGEND

Eventually, person or persons on Instagram claimed that the yellow-skinned fruit used throughout this video was a smaller Brazilian pineapple called ” Gomos de mel, ” adding that standard pineapples cannot be devoured utilizing the Headey method.

So it’s still best to have your pineapples provided the Cersei Lannister way: sliced and diced.

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