Twitch streamer HelixFlame banned after luring viewers with suggestive dance video

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Twitch streamer HelixFlame received an indefinite suspension the coming week from the service after broadcasting a video of a woman suggestively dancing. HelixFlame streamed the video, waited for his channel to reaching over 100 observers, and then called out those watching for be members of a program currently blighting the streaming service.

He said his stunt indicates” the poorly structured principles they have set up in[ the Just Chatting] category ,” HelixFlame told the Daily Dot. Viewing the current state of Twitch, HelixFlame said,” The past few years they’ve been progressively going downhill and eventually if they don’t start listening to their community I believe they’re gonna smack a brick wall .”

His video came with coloring commentary.

” You fucking horny motherfuckers. Go to a porn locate. This is, stop watching this ,” HelixFlame said in the viral clip of him pulling off the stunt. ” I might as well get spouse doing this shit if it’s that fucking easy ,” he lent in have referred to Twitch’s partnership program.

The partnership program is a way for streamers to get income from Twitch that requires a consistent audience.

” I’ve been streaming for just over two years inconsistently and mostly just for merriment until recent months when I hopped on a slight grind ,” said HelixFlame.” I generally average exactly around if not a little more than 10 observers .”

The original clip was greater available as HelixFlame’s entire path has been removed from the website, but it has been reposted here.” After the clip blew up my stream peaked at around 480 spectators ,” said HelixFlame.

Twitch told you so official grounds for suspension were” sharing or engaging in sexually suggest content or activities ,” as indicates that there is an email received and later shared by HelixFlame. In a video response to his suspension, HelixFlame refuted the reasoning and afforded a list of channels that weren’t banned for posting suggestive content.

He described these clips as” as bad, if not, so bad than what I was streaming .” Women are regularly assaulted by gamers with sexist disapproval about not being authentic community members. These soldiers often complain about doubled standards. Without official statements from the services offered, the issue has been left to theorization and conjecture. Twitch has already been told the Daily Dot that it doesn’t comment on individual suspensions.

To expand the scope of content on the streaming platform, Twitch inserted an IRL section in late 2016. The service immediately faced problems linked to the nature of the content being broadcasted under this category. From streamers saying ” depression is the stupidest thing in the world, ” and even a streamer getting shoot in the leg by a security guard, this kind of Twitch content is poorly governed.

In August, Twitch dissolved the IRL category. An strive at a rebrand was built with brand-new categories such as Hobbies& Crafts, Beauty& Body Art, and Just Chatting. Streamers which have already been applied IRL instantly adapted to these new categories. Streams available now include body paint brooks, cosplay building torrents, and streamers openly admitting the nature of what they’re willing to do for onlookers and donations.

At least one commenter on the r/ LivestreamFail subreddit theorized that HelixFlame’s severe sanction has handed down because his lawsuit margins on parody.” If “hes been” restreaming her creek without her content that would probably still fall under the parody clause in Periods of Service. If it was a YouTube video it wouldn’t ,” the subscribers wrote. Twitch’s official affirmation to sent to HelixFlame debunks this theory, however.

As HelixFlame’s suspension is “indefinite,” the fate of his Twitch channel is currently in limbo. When questioned on the likelihood of his return to Twitch, HelixFlame told the Daily Dot,” I’m somewhat confident that I’ll be unbanned .” Twitch did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s is asking for observation.

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