Trump Jr. Accidentally Posted A Negative Poll About His Dad, Because Of Course He Did

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Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram Post Of A Poll About His Dad Could’ve Used A Review

Listen, I’ve been there, you’ve been in existence. Everyone on the Internet at one point or another has retweeted or shared an section with a headline that caught their attention without reading through the entire fragment. Fortunately, most of us are out of the spotlight and can share endless articles that didn’t get read past the word “Nutella.” But when you’re in the public eye, the stakes are a bit higher. So, just saying, Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram post of an opinion poll about his dad could have use its consideration of the item before smacking “send.”

Trump Jr. proceeded a little meta on his Instagram on April 2 and shared a screenshotof his own Twitter post boast a poll about “his fathers”, President Donald Trump, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 general elections. The headline of the post, originally said that he shared republican website Townhall, read, “CBS Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Russia Probe Was Politically Motivated.” The eldest Trump son retweeted the clause and wrote “Ha. No Sh* t !!! Biggest witch-hunt and travesty in the history of our republic.” He then screen-grabbed the whole thing and threw it up on his Instagram. In the caption he wrote, sarcastically, that he’s “shocked” by the findings of the poll. Elite Daily reached out to representatives for Trump Jr. for further note, but did not immediately hear back. He wrote,

Wow. Shocked. People guess the Russia hoax was politically motivated. Wonder why the would believe that with our super honest and unbiased media selling it for the DNC for two years with zero indication or proof ???

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Who knows if Trump Jr. knew everything the canvas said before he shared it? Either lane, tell this be a lesson to us all to read through things we decide to share with the totality of our online following.

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