Trump Administration Aims To Use Facebook To Spy On People Collecting Disability

The Trump administration has been softly ploy to employment Facebook and Twitter to spy on people accumulating federal disability payments, The New York Times reported.

Social Security revealed in a budget request last year that it planned to study whether to use surveillance of social media to “expedite the the purpose of determining fraud, ” according to the Times. The article quoth unnamed sources who said the White House and Social Security officials have been working since then to strengthen the proposal.

The aim is to use a form of federal surveillance to monitor social media posts of Social Security disability payment recipients to see whether they’re really disabled.

Critics say social media photos and posts may be a poor representation of someone’s disability. Evaluating a mental health issues issue from a photograph, for example, would be nearly impossible.

More than 10 million people receive Social security systems disability benefits worth more than $11 billion a month. Recipients have paid into the system through payroll taxes.

The new places great importance on scam comes as applications for disability pays immersed 29 percentage last year from a heyday of 2.9 million in 2010, according to the Times.

Meanwhile, legislators are scrutinizing high rates of rejections of disability benefits to people in Tennessee by doctors hired by the government. The doctors, highly compensated by the state, reportedly rapidity though as many as 12 occurrence evaluations an hour.

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