TripAdvisor tells woman to leave a first-person review detailing sexual assault



Two women have come forward to claim TripAdvisor continued to promote hotels where staff members was reportedly sexually assaulted them despite threatenings to the travel company, the Guardian reports.

The wives said the company is neglecting its” duty to public security” by not recognise these reported pretensions in the inns’ publicizing on TripAdvisor, which has 456 million guests each month. In emails obtained by the Guardian, one girl called ” K” details her rape by a tour guide whose business the website promoted and requested TripAdvisor to warn other sightseers in its posting.

In response, TripAdvisor told her sex offense accusations are not fields for removing a business from their locate. If she wanted to warn tourists, they showed she narrated her sex offense in its consideration of the item on the site. For comment, the company shared five such reviews with K.

” I was in disbelief ,” K told the Guardian.” Am I seriously being asked to recall the humiliating the detailed rules for my own sexual assault? Was this global firm pushing me to relive my trauma on their gathering for everyone to see and remark, or worse of all for the perpetrator who is still out there, aimed at addressing me, troll me ?”

The Guardian found 40 additional examples of critiques describing sexual assault by hotel or travel staff. Only one detailed disciplinary action taken against the staff member in question.

TripAdvisor came under similar scrutiny in 2017 after removing a review detailing a rape in a Mexico hotel. That time, the company added telling labels to hotels where” health, discrimination and safety” problems had been reported. TripAdvisor does not indicate which discretion the business was pennant for, and the tag’s period is established instance by case.

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