#Trashtag is Trending and Its Actually Awesome, Lets Keep It Going!

Over this past weekend, #trashtag started trending on social media as well as reddit. People on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit were sharing before and after photos of areas they had cleared of scum.

From beaches and commons to sidewalks and streets, people around the globe are proving that even a single person can make a difference.

Although this hashtag and cleanup hypothesi has been around for years, it really began to direction again this past weekend and has steadily gained momentum. We for one, feel this is one viral trend we can all merrily get behind.

Below you will see some of the amazing before and after photos that have been posted already online.

Photograph via EMC2_trooper on reddit

Photograph via shrestaz on reddit

Photograph via Rosina_Anello on reddit

Photograph via buttsaginton1 0 on reddit

Photograph via ssiwakot on reddit

Photograph via UAWMF on reddit

Photograph via qevoh on reddit

Photograph via Flamewell on reddit

Photograph via viciann on reddit

Photograph via 4tpn on reddit

Photograph via _jinch_ on reddit

This is Versova Beach in Mumbai, India. Over 5.3 million kilograms of trash was removed from the 2.5 km strain of beach over a period of 21 months( starting in 2015 ). The initiative was is presided over by advocate and environmentalist, Afroz Shah, whose tries gained nationwide media attention and gleaned over 1,000 voluntaries to help clean up the beach.

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