Tom Cruise Is ‘A God’ To Scientology Members, Who ‘Buy All’ Tickets To His Movies – Perez Hilton

Tom Cruise isn’t just a big star on the silver screen, he’s even bigger in the Church of Scientology .

Today, the actor is the most famous figure associated with the belief, and according to a former church member he is” a deity ,” reinforcing what Leah Remini  has previously shared: that he is” considered a deity within Scientology .”

In polytheistic religions, a deity is considered to be a divinity or goddess, with the Mission Impossible star grading” second to David Miscavige — the savior of the free world. Tom is even called’ Mister Cruise’ by staff members ,” The King Of Queens actress shared in a November 2018 interview with The Daily Beast .

David is the current chairman of the Church, with the official title Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center according to his website. But how strong is the Cruise muscle within the church, precisely?

Ex-Scientologist Bree Mood , who left the church months ago,

Journalist Tony Ortega of the blog The Underground Bunker , which reports on the faith, shared the details of the photo and email content from Cruise and Nicole Kidman ‘ s 26 -year-old daughter.

She wrote in the letter 😛

” I became that harassing daughter in the org who would just talk endlessly about how unbelievable course is and how phenomenal the internship is. I’m sure a few people couldn’t bargain just like I couldn’t. But I won’t stop with that because now I KNOW … We all need to do this. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of endeavour. It’s a few melt downs and leading to the shower to have a mini episode, but it is worth everything because you will get through … The internship, for me, is what made me a Scientologist. I don’t simply belief the tech operates now. I know without any doubt that it does .”

She continued, thanking her famed father and aunt Cass Mapother for their” endless support .”

” Thank “youve got to” my Dad for everything. To Cass … I would have submerge in my own questions if you hadn’t been in existence to sup me or get me through the preliminaries … It took a whole family and working org to get me here. So is thanks to all for the endless funding. And to those who met me in my times. Thank you for visualizing me to the end. This isn’t only my make but yours as well .”

While Cruise is one of the biggest celebs practicing Scientology, other notable members include Elizabeth Moss , John Travolta , and Kelly Preston .


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