To Understand Your Emotions, You Need To Know Your Moon Sign

You know your Sun sign, how it represents your identity and how you are compatible with others( particularly in romantic rapports ), but do you know your Moon sign? That’s a little different.

The Moon represents our passions and our deepest necessities. So no matter how someone’s Sun sign behaves towards you, your Moon sign is how you react to it. We tend to act on and conduct with our emotions.

We all deal with our feelings in different ways and whether or not we’re comfortable and secure with them is dependent on which sign is in this aspect of our chart.

If you don’t know what your Moon is, you can replenish it out certain information in the following chart here.

So, what is your Moon sign? What does it mean for your emotions and your relationships?

Moon in Aries

You’re kinda intense and impulsive in that you don’t beat around the bush. You’re quick to overreact and you have a hard time “re all waiting on” things to happen. You want to know what’s going on and would prefer to face things foreman on. Why? Showdown doesn’t bother you. You do everything you can to get your mode. Is it obvious that this is some fiery vigour?

Moon in Taurus

You’re a caring, sensitive, and deep affectionate person. You present all of yourself to people and you expect it in return, but if someone doesn’t give it to you, you still give them more chances to “redeem” themselves. You’re the best devotee, if considered privilege, because you seek knowledge and a sense of dwelling and safety with people and wherever you encircle yourself.

Moon in Gemini

Sometimes you can be difficult to handle. You’re typically pleasant( is it merely because you wear rose colored glasses most of the time ?) but you’re also irritable at times, and when you can get like that, you get a bit snappy and…unpleasant. You don’t mind talking about your feelings but you don’t necessarily want to feel them and you’d prefer to distract yourself with something stimulating.

Moon in Cancer

Despite how often you’re taken for granted, and often you get hurt, you’re still very emotionally strong. You rarely go against how you feel and tend to embrace the highly sensitive and overly emotional side to you. Though you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and pass out probabilities after fortunes, you also know when to cut your damages. And when someone is on your good side, you’re hopelessly devoted to them.

Moon in Leo

Your confidence builds you want to take control over things, especially with your excitements. You’re very outgoing and though you like being the centre of notice, you won’t make a scene if something goes wrong and moves you feel bad. You’ll deal with it in the convenience of your own home, and when you deal with it, you’ll be very headstrong.

Moon in Virgo

You tend to overanalyze, nit picking, and strive to straighten out all the details of things. You’re very aware of everyone and everything and so, you’re quite critical of things- but simply with people you care about. As a devotee, you tend to be a bit more emotionally reserved but you’re still manner and willing to lend a hand when needed.

Moon in Libra

The master of harmony and equilibrium- yep, that’s you! You tend to thrown others’ requires before your own because you just want to keep the peace, and that’s great sometimes, but if you spend too much day striving for harmonization- at whatever expenditure- it can construct “youre feeling” a little bit discontent sometimes. If you can find counterbalance in such relationships, hold onto it, but don’t neglect your own equilibrium.

Moon in Scorpio

You’re intense. Like, very intense. You want to cut to the core of someone but you still won’t tell someone cut to the core of you. You tend to hide your feelings and people get suspicious of you because of it. You know that very, and so you use that to your advantage. When you do open up to someone, though, you’re deeply committed to them and are very affectionate and protective.

Moon in Sagittarius

You have a thirst for exploration and want to live your life to the fullest with someone else, even if you are afraid of commitment and tend to run away when things get hard-handed. Despite that, you are an optimistic person who wants to live off of high tremors. You tend to have blind religion in that everything will work out in the end.

Moon in Capricorn

You enjoy solitude and have the bad habit of get sucked into that that when you should be out mingling. Why? You do better in the presence of other persons and you’re incessantly looking for security and stability. You want to keep your passions under control as best as you can, so when you do give your nerve to person, you give your all.

Moon in Aquarius

You’re an unpredictable person with unpredictable feelings. You paucity spirits sometimes and you expect others to be like you and when they’re not, it’s fine, but you just put yourself in solitude and act as a recluse. People see you as a little bit standoffish, but really, you’re just lost in your foreman. On the outside looking in…

Moon in Pisces

As someone who has a little bit of every everyone else in them( gravely, Pisces are known for having bits of every sign in their identity ), you are very compassionate and likable. Your predisposition to others comes across as innocence, if anything, and you’re able to walk in others’ shoes very easily. You have a balance between reality and fantasize; nonetheless, you prefer living in a dream world.

If you want to( try to) read and analyze your full chart to find out more about your Sun and Moon( and Rising !) signals, you can go here.


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