This surprise Elton John duet with the actor playing him in a new movie is breathtaking.


We’re still glowing from the magical that was Bohemian Rhapsody but 2019 might have something even more special in store for music fans.

Dexter Fletcher, the same head who stepped in to save the troubledBohemian Rhapsody production, is behind Rocketman, which is being described as an “unconventional” take on the rise of Elton John’s music career.

Back in November, we got a penchant of what the movie might be like with this viral commercial highlighting some of Elton John’s career milestones . That came right on the heels of the teaser trailer for the film.

But the best proof yet for the film’s potential came in a real-life achievement over the weekend.

As Slashfilm point out here that, while Remi Malek was being celebrated for mostly lip-syncing his course throughBohemian Rhapsody, fellow actor Taron Egerton has learned to sing in an eerily perfect mimicry of Elton John for Rocketman.

Things get really unbelievable on Sunday when John hosted his annual fundraiser for HIV/ AIDS study.

Youcan support the Elton John AIDS Foundation here .

Egerton was there in support and was asked to strengthened and deliver a rendition of Elton John’s classic hymn “Tiny Dancer.” He concurred but on one condition: Exclusively if Elton joined him on piano. The legendary musician agreed and magic followed.

Seriously, this is amazing.

But reckon how strangely wonderful it must have been for Elton John himself, literally singing with someone who is a dead ringer for him, at the least in vocal concert :

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