This is what the new Motorola Razr will reportedly look like


That’s a lot of screens .

Rumor has it that Lenovo’s Motorola is planning to revive its legendary Razr smartphone, and that it may come in February.

And now, thanks to a filing in the World Intellectual Property Organization’s database, we know what it might look like.

The filing, unearthed by 91mobiles( via The Verge ), details a device that looks very similar to the original Razr, with one key difference: Inside, instead of a physical keyboard/ screen split, it only has one big screen that folds when you close the phone. There’s likewise an additional screen on the outside.

The brand-new Razr is rumored to come with a hefty price tag of $1,500. Then again, the upcoming foldable phones from firms like Samsung aren’t likely to be very inexpensive, either. There’s no message on other specs, and Motorola would not substantiate( or deny) the rumors when we asked them.

Filings like these don’t ever turn into actual produces, but if anyone’s well-positioned to take advantage of the brand-new, foldable screens direction, it’s Motorola.

The original Razr, which launched in 2004, was at one point the phone to have — thin, good-looking and practical. Its govern faded with the advent of smartphones, and though Motorola attempted various reboots, it never recurred the success of the original Razr.

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