This Coffee Guru Is Helping Dogs, 1 Cup Of Joe At A Time

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Grounds& Hounds Coffee Co.’s Jordan Karcher Is Facilitating Dogs, 1 Cup Of Coffee At A Time

If you ask any pet owner, one of the worst parts of the day is that minute in the morning when you have to say goodbye to your furry BFF when you head off to act. Of direction, many offices are dog-friendly these days, but what if you could say that your pup is actually the above reasons you have your job? That’s precisely the occurrence for Jordan Karcher, founder of Grounds& Hounds Coffee Co ., who was inspired to start his coffee firm not long after he adopted his pup Molly in 2012.

Karcher is the CEO of Grounds& Hounds Coffee Co ., an online coffee firm that donates 20 percent of all its earnings to help fund rescue programs in animal shelters across the United States. Controlling out of a three-person place in Chicago, the company has donated $150,000 to animal salvages since 2014.

In 2012, Karcher borrowed Molly, his brown and grey Dalmatian — who is also the muse for the brand’s logo and the company as a whole. He calls Molly “the representation of rescue, ” so it’s no surprise that after borrowing her, Karcher began volunteering at swine salvage organizations to help more swine in need. His work with recoveries established him aware of the fact that, at the time, 2 million dogs were being euthanized nationallyeach year. Karcher belief this was a problem that could be solved by supporting animal recovery organizations that work to publicize the issue and take action, like helping spay and neuter and microchipping puppies.

Even if you didn’t like our coffee, at the least you’d be able to feel good about facilitating a hound along the way.

Soon, his time volunteering got him thinking about animal salvage from a “business perspective.” In the non-profit nature, Karcher explains, “you’re ever fundraising; you’re always trying to find somebody to donate fund or how to raise more money.” He started thinking of it differently. “I looked at it and I said, ‘Well, if we could create a make or a theory that has a large enough client basi and high enough retention, then maybe we could find a way to establish continual receipt or continual funding to these organizations.'”

Courtesy of Kelly Allison Photography

And, yes, coffee was his first instinct. Coming from their own families with a wine-coloured and feelings background and having a bachelor’s degree in international business, Karcher began selling coffee from the Grounds& Hounds website in 2014. He says he thought at the time, “Hey, what better mode to break the ice for premium coffee than a bird-dog and enabled to do some good? ” Karcher foresaw success earlier today. “Even if you didn’t like our coffee, ” he says, “at least you’d be able to feel good about facilitating a pup along the way. That was truly why I believed coffee had a lot of upside.”

The early days of the company actually involved Karcher fulfilling orderings from the classroom, since he was in the process of deserving his MBA from the University of Notre Dame. He shares, “I was in the middle of a class in macroeconomics, and I’d be sitting there answering client emails or I’d be leaving to take wholesale orderings. It was a very turnkey operation to say the least.”

Courtesy of Kelly Allison Photography

After his graduation from Notre Dame in 2015( he even took orders during his commencement ceremony ), Karcher turned Grounds& Hounds into his full-time task. From selling six types of coffee, two jugs, and a tote bag, Karcher met Grounds& Hounds “become one of the faster growing online coffee companies.” Harmonizing to Karcher, the brand’s revenue has grown yearly by at the least 50 percent for the past five years.< strong> While the business success is nice, he says, “We’ve also been able to do some really amazing things for animal rescue and evolve social effects business, ” which is at the heart of the company’s duty. As of the company’s five-year commemoration in April 2019, its efforts have supported over 2.5 million snacks to shelter bird-dogs in need and facilitated save over 3,000 puppies from being euthanized by transferring them to no-kill organizations.

We started it to facilitate pups, so it’s kinda hard-boiled not to[ be supportive ].

Today, Karcher’s functions have evolved from trying to get his business off the field. Not “theres only” he ripens his inventory to include apparel and items like hot chocolate and single serve husks, but he’s likewise expanded the ways in which the company can help fund rescue administrations, like the Soil Crew, which was launched in December 2018. The brand-new program devotes eligible non-profits a unique code that customers can use at checkout, and then a percentage of that acquisition moves immediately to the organization.

Grounds& Hounds is also expanding into partnerships to help do more for animal shelters. The Puppy Bowl merger, a seasonal provide sold around the Super Bowl, was offered for the second time in a row in 2019 thanks to a partnership with Animal Planet. Not exclusively do 50 percentage of the the blend’s gains go to help animal salvage societies fund the transfer of shelter pets to foster homes, but each handbag likewise comes with an official “Team Ruff” or “Team Fluff” bandana, so your own pup feels right at home during the big game.

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