This Chinese model is getting publicly shamed for her freckles in a new untouched Zara ad.


It’s becoming more normal for fashion firebrands to come under flame for retouching their representations, but Zara has received backlash for not retouching a women’s is now facing their recent campaign.

A recent makeup ad for Zara features a fresh-faced and freckled Li Jing Wen, who is known professionally as Jing Wen. Now, Zara has been accused of “uglifying China” by presenting the model’s natural freckles.


Social media area Weibo determined insults spread with the hashtag “Insult to China.”

“After seeing this ad I have decided I will not buy any makes from Zara , not because I reckon the modeling is ugly, but because you are discriminating Asians’ view of allure, ” wrote Weibo user Moshiwuchang.

It’s rare for Chinese people to have freckles. Instead of locating that Li’s lookings are unique, some people took her image as an affront.

User EvelynYoung_2 3 wrote, “I’m sorry, we Asian wives don’t have freckles. Even if we do, it’s a small number of people … You must have tried very hard to find such a model.”

But such comments were in the minority.


Most consumers came to Li’s defense, describing her freckles as rare and beautiful.

One user posted, “I feel it’s not the brand discriminating against Asian females, but people discriminating against people with freckles.” Weibo user TheChineseModels posted, “”Every person has different understanding of beauty and we don’t have to have the same panorama of aesthetics, but we need to be open with different faces.”

Some users applauded Zara’s lack of retouching. “Li Jingwen is millions of times more beautiful than those faces that have been retouched, ” wrote user saxaK. User Amy_xuhu contributed, “Please don’t live in the filters, isn’t it good to be real? ”

Zara addressed the controversy, standing by their decision to show Li as she is. “The aesthetics of the Spanish people are different, ” Zara said in a statement. “Our prototypes are all photographed strictly, the pictures aren’t changed, and they’re not modified. “Zara obliged no attempt to “uglify” their example. “She has always looked like this, her face has not been photoshopped, she was photographed naturally, ” said Zara.

Li has modeled for firebrands such as Prada, Calvin Klein, Chanel, H& M, and Tommy Hilfiger. She has also graced Vogue’s consider in Italy andChina. Li grew up disliking her freckles. The framework told Vogue in 2016, “When I was little, I actually hated them because ordinarily Asian people don’t have them, ’ said Li. “In high school, I ever tried to cover them, but now it’s ok. I like them, and that’s enough.”

Chinese daily GlobalTimes called Li’s freckles “iconic, ” and we would have to agree. There is beauty in flaw. It’s great that Zara chose to present a framework as she is, rather than retouching her to fit beauty standards.

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