This billboard for a sex toy is actually a brilliant message about women’s empowerment.


People tend to think of Canada as a progressive oasis and for the right reasons: quality health care, beautiful environmental sceneries and a general posture of inclusion and endurance are all very Canadian things.

Of direction , nobody is perfect and it turns out that Canada has some fairly regressive positions when it comes to women is speaking to copulation in public. But one company has countered that narrative and is making a huge splashing with their new billboard that contains an unmistakable letter of female empowerment.

“You can use sex to sell anything, except if it’s women’s solace, ” said Stephanie Keating, commerce director at WOW Tech Group, in an interview with AdWeek.

Keating’s company worked with PinkCherry and blueprint firm The Garden to promote their brand-new vibrator, brilliantly called the “Womanizer” with a line of marketing text that has constructed international headlines: “Scream your own name.”

Much like in the U.S ., Canada doesn’t have any explicit statutes against ad like this. But Keating says the unspoken conventions most often result in such advertising campaigns get turned down by major vendors.

In fact, the company claims that they’ve already defined a North American record by having the billboard in place for just three weeks.

It has also already been nominated as one of the year’s best new advertisment, based in large-scale persona to the organic reaction from manufacture professionals and casual beholders alike.

It’s a major victory, specially when you consider that exactly get the billboard up in the first place was a mountain many visualized couldn’t be scaled.

“When you are in the business of promoting women’s sex solace and all the benefits that go with that, you’re used to being rejected, ” Keating told AdWeek. “We approach every media buy with apprehension, as we never know if our investment is going to see the light of day. Regardless of the medium–traditional, digital, social, podcasting–our ads ought to have censored even when they contain no explicit or suggest content.”

At the same time, sexuality playthings of all stripes are often given incredible quantities of free publicity, so long as they are targeted at and for men.

In 2016, Chile’s Economy Minister Luis Felipe Cespedes got into hot water when he joyfully posed with a female sexuality doll after controversial explains comparing his country’s economy to wives saying both needed to be “stimulated” in order to be activated.


Photo by George Cadenas/ Getty Images)

But because of the incredibly positive notice, the billboard has received, they’re already planning to extend the billboard’s ad buy into 2020 and the company says there are looking at other large scale marketing pulpits to expand the Womanizer’s reach.

“We have always ensure the appreciate in this firebrand, ” The Garden co-founder Shari Walczak told AdWeek.

“This is a company that believes in the importance of sex wellness and empowerment for women, and the value of developing and maintaining intimacy between partners.”

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