They had abortions late in their pregnancies. These are their stories


( CNN) Stranger have called them demons, trolled them on social media and said their living offsprings should be taken away. Their darkest instants are judged and politicized by anatomies who know nothing about them. They feel like involuntary pawns in an ugly, brutal competition they didn’t ask to play.

She was one of half a dozen women who recently shared their stories with CNN. They chose to speak up after President Donald Trump called on Congress to pass legislation that would ban “late-term abortion, ” a phrase derided by ob-gyns.

We heard from women whose lives depended on interrupting their pregnancies and others who learned that the children they desperately wanted would not survive — or would suffer if they did. Some of them have signed onto an open letter now circulating online, titled”We are later abortion patients, ” to give themselves and others articulation.

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