These Round-Trip Flights For July 4 Are Under $350, So Pack Your Bags

5 Cheap July 4 Flights For A Last-Minute Getaway

Believe it or not, the Fourth of July is coming up quick — and that means it’s time to start solidifying plans for the large-hearted era.( I, summertime is flying by this year .) Whether you’re planning on watching fireworks at the coast or hosting a barbecue in your back garden, it’s sure to be a great time. If you haven’t planned anything for the vacation hitherto, you should check out these cheap July 4 flights. They might invigorate you to hop on a plane and suffer fireworks in a totally new city( on a budget, of course ).

The July 4 flights that I’m about to show you were found on Airfarewatchdog, a website that’s dedicated to finding cheap plane tickets on the reg. Believe it or not, the website also provides information on seat undertakings, luggage regulations, travelling availability, and more. With that tell me anything, inspecting the site and scanning tour options might help you decide which Fourth of July flights are best for you( and your billfold ). Only be taken into consideration that some costs may have increased since the time of their original publications.

Let’s get started, shall we? Before I begin, take out your calendars and open ’em up to July 2019. The following flight options have different travel appointments, so you’ll want to take a peek at your planned before booking your trips.

1. Chicago to Nashville for $117

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If you just wanted to expend Independence Day in Music City( aka one of my* favorite* municipalities ), then you should check out this $117 round-trip flight from Chicago, Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee. The American Airlines flight departs on July 2 and returns on July 6, which gives people the perfect quantity of time to spend the Fourth in a city filled with live music.

2. Los Angeles to Austin for $240

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Austin, Texas is another city that’s widely known for its music panorama — and if you’d preferably spend July 4 there, you have another cheap travel option. This $240 round-trip flight on American Airline will get you to Austin on July 2 and back home to Los Angeles on July 5. Again, it’ll give you the perfect amount of time to spend the holiday in the city.

3. New York to Miami for $306

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Those of you who want to spend Independence Day on the beach can check out this $306 round-trip flight from New York, New York to Miami, Florida. The American Airline flight leaves LaGuardia Airport on July 2 and returns on July 5, giving you a decent amount of time to hang out on the beach and watch the fireworks.

4. Orlando to Newark for $287

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If you’d rather spend Independence Day on a New Jersey beach, you can fly from Orlando, Florida to Newark, New Jersey( and back ) for $287. This JetBlue flight departs on July 3 and returns on July 6, giving you time to explore all of the beaches that New Jersey has to offer.

5. Boston to Washington, D.C. for $261

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Those of you who’d instead bypass the beach and invest the holiday in a brand-new municipality can check out this $261 round-trip flight from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. The JetBlue flight departs on July 3 and returns on July 7, giving you time to celebrate and explore.

As you can see, there are tons of options to choose from if you’re planning on traveling for the Fourth of July. To explore even “cheap” travel options for the holiday, you can visit Airfarewatchdog’s “Fourth of July Getaways” deal page. There, you’ll be able to enter your travel information and explore more itineraries.

Whether you decide to hop on a plane for the Fourth or throw a party with friends, stay safe and have fun.

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