The neo-Nazi paedophile who plotted to kill

Amber Rudd

A jury has been unable to decide whether Jack Renshaw, a neo-Nazi who declared a terrorist planned to kill an MP, remained a member of a banned terrorist group. At the end of his fourth and final contest of the past two years, the full fib of those cases can now be told.


They drank there regularly. Usually on a Saturday. Often during the course of its week, too.

Numbers varied – from merely a couple of alcoholics to as many as 10.

This is the Friar Penketh in Warrington, a busy Wetherspoons in the town centre.

detective Image caption Friar Penketh, Warrington

But the conversation of the drinking party was not that of ordinary cubs out socialising – football or run – but focused on far darker themes, such as their hate of Jewish and non-white people, their veneration of Nazism and Adolf Hitler, and their fascination with terrorism.

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