The most relatable animals on Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ in GIFs

David Attenborough

Me inducing the best possible use of a bad “hairs-breadth” period
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On Friday Netflix secreted Our Planet , the newest David Attenborough nature documentary from the people who brought you Planet Earth 1 and 2 .

It’s stunning. More than any other nature doc of its ilk, Our Planet also makes a level of reminding spectators how interconnected the administration is. We share this planet, and all rely on a health Earth to stay alive. We may be seeing the worst effects of climate change happening to non-human animals right now, but it’s merely a matter of time for the rest of us.

But the rightfully unbelievable accomplishment of this documentary is what relatable it acquires every animal. In merely the first six escapades, there’s an abundance of #BigMoods to be found in their shenanigans.

So courtesy of Netflix, we’ve compiled our own montage of GIFs from the docu-series we’re calling: Animals, They’re Just Like Us!

1. When you nail the landing

2. These male chicks doing the absolute most to impress a girl

3. And then anxiously awaiting her approval

4. This male penguin acting like imparting his lady a rock to be included in her batch of rocks is a huge accomplishment

5. The anxiety of these penguins sneaking by their top predators

5. A baby sea lion peaking out at the nations of the world, before saying lol #nope

6. We’ve all been that overconfident polar tolerate rookie who gets stuck in a seal hole

7. When a guy at the bar won’t stop fronting

8. A male chick Marie Kondoing his apartment to affect a lady

9. The youngster bird of prey who’s really upset her mothers don’t visit just as much anymore

10. The orangutan mommy who has zero occasion for her baby’s bullshit

11. Eating and binge watching Netflix like

12. This otter in a Pantene Pro V commercial taking self care very seriously because he’s worth it

13. A poor penguin get his ass dragged by orcas before being eaten alive — like he wrote a bad tweet in 2019

14. All the baby elephants ruffling the hell out of their families

15. The disastrous the consequences of climate change producing droves of walruses to fall off cliffs to their ghastly deaths

Yeah that one’s depressing. But like Our Planet , we feel enjoying these nature docs should come with a healthy dosage of waking the f* ck up. Because it is completely within our ability to reverse the devastation humans have wrought on their habitats.

Go visit the docu-series’ website to learn more about what we can do to ensure these unbelievably #relatable animals don’t move extinct.

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