The Momo suicide challenge on YouTube is terrifying parents


A creepy photo of a female sculpture with long pitch-black “hairs-breadth”, bulging sees, and a grin that stretches across her face has ricocheted around the internet for the past few years. But the specific characteristics, called Momo, has only necessitated for kids and has apparently been promoting suicide and other hazardous activities.

According to countless reports, offsprings have been watching Peppa Pig and Fortnite videos that then feature Momo instructing observers to self-harm or play-act other dangerous stunts.

The Manchester Evening News reported that a primary and secondary schools in the U.K. is sending out a advise to parents saying,” These video clips are appearing on many social media locates and YouTube( including Kids YouTube ). One of the videos starts innocently, like the start of a Peppa Pig chapter for example, but swiftly was transformed into an altered form with savagery and offensive speech . … Examples we have noticed in institution include expecting the children to turn the gas on or to find and take tablets .”

We has also become more aware of highly improper videos circulating online and are being perceived by children…

Posted by Haslingden Primary School on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

One U.K. mother told the Daily Mail that her 8-year-old son began insuring Momo in some of the videos he watched. Lyn Dixon said her child then grew “re scared of” the dark and didn’t want to be left alone.

” He showed me an image of the[ Momo] face on my phone and said that she had told him to go into the kitchen drawer and take out a spear and throw it into his neck ,” Dixon told the newspaper.” We’ve told him it’s a load of rubbish and there are bad people out there who do bad things but it’s frightening, genuinely frightening … He was terrified and wouldn’t sleep in his own bed and then we got to the bottom of it and we excused it wasn’t real .”

Other police officials, though, forewarn the Momo challenge is genuinely run by hackers go looking for information and data.

This freaky looking man is’ Momo ‘, the latest online app attribute behind headlines like “Suicide game reaches UK” ,…

Posted by PSNI Craigavon on Sunday, February 24, 2019

” As creepy-crawly as she searches,’ Momo’ isn’t going to crawl out of your child’s phone and kill them ,” the Police Service of Northern Ireland wrote on Facebook.” The chance lies with their own children feeling pressured to either follow the orderings of ANY app via’ challenges ,’ or peer pres in chat rooms and the like. This is just a current, attention grabbing lesson of the minefield that is online communication for kids. In 2017 it was’ Blue Whale ,’ now it’s’ Momo .’ There’ll be something else next .”

According to Know Your Meme, pictures of the statue firstly appeared on Instagram in 2016, and by 2018, Momo was being used on WhatsApp as a perturbing suicide challenge competition, similar to the Blue Whale Challenge.

The game has reportedly been is the responsibility of teen and pre-teen suicides in Argentina, France, and Belgium, though it’s unclear if there’s any is connected with Momo and the deaths.

Momo induced its route to YouTube last year as a number of content creators established creepy 3am Momo challenges. Some of those videos received millions of views.

Belgium YouTube

Now, Momo is reportedly being spotted in the Kids app.

It’s yet another problem for YouTube and its Kids app. Last week, it was revealed that a mother discovered a children’s video that had been revised to include an instructing how to self-harm by cutting your wrist.

” We acknowledge people drawing problematic content to our notice, and make it possible for anyone to pennant a video ,” YouTube said in a statement.” Flagged videos are manually examined 24/7 and any videos that don’t belong in the app are removed .”

In 2017, a number of that peculiarity Frozen ‘ s Elsa and other superheroes were discovered on the Kids app. Videos of plot assumptions likewise had been previously appreciated on the app.

As YouTube usually says in situations like this, it still has more work to do to keep kids safe, because we are continue to find ways to stimulate disturbing content available for them to watch.

Update 2:30 pm CT, Feb. 26 : YouTube told the Daily Dot it had no comment on the Momo challenge.

Update 11:06 am CT, Feb. 27 : YouTube told the Daily Dot on Wednesday that it has find no cases of the Momo challenge on YouTube or on the Kids app.

” Contrary to press reports, we’ve not received any recent evidence of videos picturing or strengthening the Momo challenge on YouTube ,” a YouTube spokesperson said.” Content of this kind would be in violation of our policies and removed immediately .”

According to YouTube, tales and videos that raise awareness or discuss the report of the Momo challenge are allowed to stay on the site–otherwise, promoting the challenge is not permitted. YouTube said it has not received any flagged connects from consumers establishing Momo challenge videos that violate the site’s guidelines.

This fib has been updated .

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