‘The Matrix’ 20th Anniversary: Celebrate With These Celebs Who Think We’re Actually Living In The Matrix! – Perez Hilton

It’s a mad, mad, mad world-wide “were living in” — or is it simply a giant, computer-generated simulation ??!

This theory became popular after The Matrix trilogy was secreted, holding audiences the chance to question whether reality was truly … well, real. But y’all might not know that* free-thinkers* have been suspicious about this concept for millennia!

Today, quite a few celebs( and scientists !) still believe that this reality is, more likely than not, some sort of an illusion. Most of the celebs on this list aren’t that surprising, but the fact that astro physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is a moderate believer might acquire you think twice about taking the red-faced pill.

Sure, it might be unsettling to think that everything we know is a lie generated by malevolent alien overlords … but at least it would explain how Trump get appointed!

What are you waiting for, Neo? Celebrate the 20 th anniversary of The Matrix by determining what these famed simulation theorists have to say about the fabric of our reality( below )!

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