THE HIGHWAYMEN Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson Movie HD

I’m in but you’ve got in here 16 I think might be good to have a doctor look at you sometime might be good to have dr. with you sometime ain’t got no Burton cuz I was covered you may have heard there was a prison break it was Bonnie and Clyde governor this has to end they committed dozens of armed robberies and several cold-blooded murders what do you plan to do about Bonnie and Clyde we will capture them write that down and underline it twice there’s only one man who can take them down I’ll come back hey you got a room for one more not impact Oh Judas Priest get in this is 1934 gangsters submachine guns and you put Cowboys on bunny in five Texas Rangers forgive me Father for I have seen this is a highly coordinated operation so much pain and suffering roadblocks air surveillance your time has passed cowboy what the hell is the world coming to used to be and have talent to get published now all you gotta do is shoot people she used her foot to turn him over so he could see what was about to happen that’s sweet [Music] this has gone far enough I’m gonna take them down what a fine idea [Music] who are you Phyllis I was were the bad guys come to the wrong place mister around here Clyde is keen but ride my BK but I’m a Texas Ranger you little shit now it didn’t see me you

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