The Google Assistant on Android gets more visual responses

About half a year ago, Google contributed the Helper on telephones a major visual freshen. Today, the company is following up with a got a couple of small but welcome tweaks that’ll ascertain the Assistant on Android provide more and better visual responses that are more aligned with what users already expect to see from other Google services.

That symbolizes when you ask for happens now, for example, the response will search exactly like what you’d see if you tried the same query from your mobile browser. Til now, Google evidenced a reasonably pared-down form in the Assistant.


Also — and this is going to be a bit of a controversial change — when the Assistant decided to have the most wonderful answer is simply a directory of websites( or when it drops-off back to those results because it simply doesn’t have any other answer ), the Assistant used to show you a got a couple of cartons in a vertical layout that were not exactly user-friendly. Now, the Assistant will simply show the standard Google Search layout.

Seems like a good idea, then why would that be controversial? Together with the search results, Google will likewise indicate its usual Search ads. This labels the first time that Google is showing ads in the Assistant experience. To be fair, the Assistant will merely demonstrate these kinds of results for a very small number of queries, but users will likely were concerned that Google will bring more ads to the rest of the Assistant.


Google tells me that advertisers can’t target their ads to Assistant customers and won’t get any additional information about them.

The Assistant will now also demonstrate built-in mortgage calculators, coloring pickers, a gratuity calculator and a bubble degree when you ask for those. Also, when you ask for a capital quote, you’ll now recognize a full interactive diagram , not just the current price of the quote.

These brand-new aspects are wheeling out to Android phones in the U.S. now. As usual, it may take a bit before you insure them pop up on your own phone.


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