The (Fucked Up) Reason We Keep Chasing The Wrong Person

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The( Fucked Up) Reason We Hinder Chasing The Wrong Person

It suctions to chase all individuals who seems semi-interested. It sucks to expend an hour debating whether to send a text because there is a fifty-fifty possibility we will actually get an answer back. It sucks to check and recheck our legends, hoping the person or persons we’re chasing is listed underneath the views because they are the entire ground we posted anything in the first place.

We become no appreciation. Why do we hinder chasing the same person when we are obviously the one who cares more? Why do we deter transmitting text, keep updating our narratives, stop impounding onto the hope something will change, when we know we are going to get hurt in the end?

The simple-minded answer is The deeper answer is more complicated, more screwed up. It’s because of the high-pitched we get where the person concerned we’re chasing actually declares our reality. It doesn’t happen often — but that’s what acquires it so exciting.

A part of us is always worried they won’t answer our texts, so we get a rush of adrenaline when their identify actually appears on our phone screen. It’s the same when they praise us, expect us to hang out, or do something as simple as one of our pictures.

We are excited when they put in the minimal sum of struggle. We are excited they actually noticed us for once, actually gave us a sliver of their notice. We will rush to our friends with the smaller information, giddy about how they transmitted an emoji with nerve eyes or continued a exchange for more than three texts.

Meanwhile, where reference is get a text back from person we are confident, someone we are dependent on, person we will always be there for us, we don’t think twice about it. We aren’t overly stimulated to hear from them. We aren’t jumping up and down about getting a reply. We expected them to answer, so we appreciate the sentiment less. We revalue less.

It’s scary to be considered how easy it comes to take our loved ones awarded. We don’t have to work hard for their attention, we don’t have to fight to get noticed by them, so we inadvertently lay in less and less endeavour since we are recognize we can get away with less struggle. Meanwhile, we realize the peoples of the territories the administration is chasing will walk away unless we bend over backwards for them, so we give them our full exertion in order to keep them interested.

Without recognise it, we end up considering the poisonous people we are chasing better than the people who are good to us, the people who deserve our love “the worlds largest”.

Deep down, we already know we have to stop chasing people who treat us like shit — but we also have to start presenting more acknowledgment to those persons who treat us well, the people who we never have to nudge for a text back.

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