The Denise Infamously Dragged By Meghan McCain ‘Fired’ After Anti-Gay Rant

Denise McAllister, a conservative columnist who Meghan McCain infamously dragged on Twitter last week, has been removed from right-wing books The Federalist and The Daily Wire.

“I was fuelled when I blamed a gay humankind who teased my heterosexual relationship, ” she tweeted Sunday. “Yet no one defended me when I stood for masculinity and God’s design for sexuality despite outlets saying they represent Judeo-Christian appreciates about sexuality, identity and purpose. What is truth? ”

The furor encircling McAllister, whose Twitter handle is “DC McAllister, ” started when she bashed the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” in a tweet last Monday, calling them “delusional mental midgets.”

McCain, one the show’s co-hosts and a daughter of the late Sen. John McCain( R-Ariz .), speedily fired back at McAllister by simply prompting her that “you were at my wedding.” The cutting mention motivated a batch of Internet memes.

McAllister afterward claimed on Twitter that her analysi was not directed at McCain, but “The View and the mental midgets” that encircled her.

Fast forward to Saturday when McAllister, who has written that wives should not strive for equality with beings in many areas, tweeted that she “slipped” up by trying to have a conversation while her husband watched an NCAA college basketball tournament game.

The journalist Yashar Ali retweeted the post, adding a sad-faced emoji and specific comments, “Oh Denise.”

( Editor’s note: Ali’s articles on occasion are published by HuffPost .)

McAllister responded with a series of homophobic tweets aimed at Ali, who is gay.

“A gay man commenting on a heterosexual relationship is simply. Sad. Pathetic truly, ” McAllister wrote in one tweet, which has since been deleted.

She afterward wrote in another now-deleted tweet, “Oh so sad.[ Ali] is lost. He doesn’t know his purpose as a being. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an individual. So he revels and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.”

Ali weighed in on McAllister’s mentions in a tweet early Sunday , noting that he’s proud to be lesbian, Iranian and Catholic.

Less than an hour subsequently, Ben Domenech, editor in chief of The Federalist and Meghan McCain’s spouse, tweeted that McAllister would no longer write for his publishing. Domenech told HuffPost that McAllister had written for The Federalist as a freelancer.

“She wasn’t technically fuelled because she was never on faculty, ” he said. “We have hundreds of freelance benefactors. She won’t be one of them going forward.”

McAllister soon after tweeted that she wished her former colleagues at The Federalist well and lamented that “shes been” “fired” for criticizing “a gay man who taunted my heterosexual relationship.”

In another since-deleted tweet, McAllister said she “quit” The Daily Wire after its editor in chief, Ben Shapiro, messaged her and said she was “no longer welcome” because of her homophobic rant.

Hours later, McAllister appeared to reverse track. She rationalized on Twitter to Ali for “responding to a perceived attack on my family” in accordance with the rules that she did and told me that she repents any humiliation she induced Shapiro and Domenech.

Asked for comment, Ali told HuffPost that McAllister has not reached out to him. He declined to comment outside of what he had already written on Twitter.

Shapiro told HuffPost in an email Sunday afternoon that The Daily Wire has “no plans” for McAllister to write for them. He have also pointed out that McAllister had been a donor and was not an employee.

McAllister did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s is asking for comment.

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