The Craziest Myths About Sex People Used To Believe Betches

We think that kids belief the stupidest things, but is about to change, so do adults. Throughout history, people have believed tons of crazy stories about sex , no matter how ludicrous they clang to us now. But at the time, these people thought they were right( and they are likely thought they were like, really smart ). I don’t mean to sound smug, because the reality is, even today people still believe various categories of copulation stories. And, seem, I get it. Sex can be uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels like extremities are everywhere, and it can be overall an clumsy knowledge. For some people( not me because I publicly start writing my sexuality life ), the thought of is speaking to sexuality with their parents, acquaintances, or physician is frightening and uncomfortable, so they turn to the internet, which we all know is not always the source of reliable information.

To be honest, as a kid, I was so uncomfortable with the idea of sex that I refused for my momma to ever give me” the talk .” Very hard to believe, I know. All I can say is thank God that the internet exists, or I would definitely still believe some of my own ridiculous sexuality stories. Here contains a list of some of the craziest sexuality myths throughout history, that you’ll have trouble guessing other people even took seriously( I hope ).

Farts Caused Erections

Aphrodisiacs are a beautiful thing. Oysters, chocolate, wine, etc. are considered to be aphrodisiacs. But we don’t generally think of foods that stimulate us gassy to be nutrients to set the climate. But up until the 18 th century, Roman physician Galen guessed meat the hell is” warm and moist”( yuck) and “windy”( aka that construct you fart) were aphrodisiacs. Spicy foods( specifically peppers ), carrots, asparagus, and others were thought to get people horny. Why? Because people used to believe that erections were caused by wind inflating the penis. Oh god. I don’t even have time to get into the whole way this is wrong. I trust you all took some basic sex ed, yes?

Sneezing After Sex

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People truly used to believe this myth that so as to prevent pregnancy, “youre supposed to” sneeze. Greek Physician Soronus recommended a woman do squats, sneezes, and then cleanse out her vagina to avoid getting pregnant. This copulation story is ludicrou … if I just had copulation did some workout, I don’t want to do more activity by doing squats. And if such were the suit , no person with seasonal allergies or a cold “wouldve been” get pregnant. Honestly, I care it were that easy–then we were able to never have unwanted pregnancies.

Masturbation Cures Hysteria

This sex myth is crazy. Starting in the first century A.D ., hysteria was described as a female-specific illness and was a result of a” wandering womb .” So what was the remedy? Doctor-induced orgasms. It was thought that an orgasm( known as hysterical paroxysm) could help medicine the status of women of her indications. As a upshot, the vibrator was developed to help doctors with their verrry difficult jobs. The worst portion? “Hysteria” was considered a medical condition in the DSM( aka the psychiatry bible) until 1980 !!! Aka 5 years after the Vietnam War culminated and Jaws was liberated.( Ever realize that a hysterectomy is the word for when a woman’s uterus is removed? Yeah .)

You Can’t Get Pregnant From Rape


This list of sex myths could not be complete without a scarily recent one by Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin. In 2012, he told KTVI-TV that if another woman is legitimately raped, her body has a channel of repudiating the seman so she does not get pregnant. WTF ?? The best part of such statements is that he said,” from what I understand from doctors .” I’m sorry, but what doctor is he talking to? Because they can’t maybe be licensed physicians. Likewise, don’t get me started with his use of” legitimate rape .”

Masturbating Ruins Your Eyesight


In 1758, Samuel Tissot, a Swiss physician, was assumed that the more semen a soldier lost from masturbating, the worse his eyesight would be. He wrote a whole book on the disease of masturbation. V curious about what other sex stories he accepted. This sex myth also made people said he believed that masturbation causes a wide range of symptoms and that it is a disease in and of itself.

Periods Deform Babies

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The French was assumed that if you had copulation on your span and is pregnant, the babe “wouldve been” deformed. The Curse: A Culture History of Menstruation sketches the history of season myths. The book says that a child conceived while a woman has her stage will be” puny, languid, and moribund, subject to an infinity of fetid afflictions, contaminate and stinking .” What vivid, gross imagery! There is also the myth that if you’re on your age, you can’t get pregnant. Although unlikely, it is still possible, making this among the common sex myths that people still believe. TBH people believe the craziest things about vaginas in general.

Thank god we as national societies still don’t believe some of these genuinely nonsensical sex myths, but we still have a long way to return when it comes to understanding the human body( and especially the female anatomy ). If nothing else, this proves we are need better sex education.

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