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New year, new music. You all missed me while I was run, right? On second thought, please keep your opinions to yourself. There’s a lot of great new music the coming week, but I’d like to take a moment to highlight the new releases from girls the coming week. We’ve got brand-new ballads from powerhouses Jess Glynne and Tiffany Young, plus a few cases beginners. No, Ariana Grande hasn’t released her brand-new book yet, so this list will simply have to tide you over until then.

“Thursday” by Jess Glynne accomplishment. H.E.R.

Yeah, you’ve perhaps discovered “Thursday” all over the radio and wondered why you were crying in the sorority because of its raw honesty, but have you heard the brand-new feature from H.E.R .? No, you haven’t, because it just came out today. In this song, Jess Glynne represents a vulnerable and open account of learning to affection and admit yourself. Speaking of, I chitchatted with her about this song, her new album, and more–interview “il be there soon”. But for now, spout yourself a glass of red wine, because this is going to get you all the space in your feels.

“Born Again” by Tiffany Young

Mark my texts: Tiffany Young is going to be a ace in 2019. The California-born singer is huge in Korea, and now she’s constructing her style stateside. Her expression is unbelievable. Her new sung “Born Again” is a robust product with poignant vocals that will embed themselves under your skin and a catchy dance beat.

“Hurts Like Hell( Madison Beer Cover) ” by Jenny March

This acoustic cover of Madison Beer’s hit is the perfect petty anthem for not craving your ex to get over you. If you can’t relate to that sentimentality, tell me: what was it like being indoctrinated into literal sainthood? March’s version is less pop-y and more raw than the original–it is acoustic, after all.

“Valhalla” by Lauren Ruth Ward

This song gives a really cool rocker chick vibe. It feels 70 s to me, but maybe that’s just because I don’t listen to rock music so I don’t know what a 70 s vibe is actually like. Let’s go with it. Lauren also has a great expression. Grab your leather jacket before you make play on this one.

“WTP” by Teyana Taylor

Yes, the carol itself “re coming out” with the release of her album, K.T.S.E, but the video is brand-new. The cool thing about it is it’s completely self-directed. I don’t want to spoiling it, because you should all exit watch the video, but she killed it. And as much as is female sexual empowerment extends, it doesn’t really get any better than a lyric that repeats” job this p* ssy” over and over for like, four minutes. And it’s not a command, like, for a person to work it. It’s saying ” I will work this p* ssy .” I could summon the one gender studies course I took in college to write an entire paper on the importance and superpower of that, but I’ll spare you all if you promise to watch the video.

“Pretty” by Terror Jr.

Terror Jr. is technically a duo, but their lead vocalist is girl, so I’m counting it. Likewise, truth be told, I had no opinion they were a duo until I seemed it up. The more you know. Anyway, with a fix like “they say pretty is sorenes, ” Terror Jr.’s carol “Pretty” remind you of Jess Glynne’s “Thursday.” But while Jess Glynne presents a soulful and slow narrative, Terror Jr.’s sung is all airy vocals and infectious tune.

“Anxiety” by Julia Michaels feat. Selena Gomez

F* cking duhhhh, I included this on my index. I sort of feel like this song could very easily be called ” FOMO” because the first verse talks about how you don’t want to go out or see anyone but then when you decide to stay in you miss them. I acknowledge Julia Michaels’ openness about mental health issues strivings, and I feel both very learn and personally attacked by this song. But in all seriousness, THANK YOU for creating visibility to this.

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