‘Super poo donors’ wanted

administrator Image copyright Claudia Campanella Image caption Claudia wants to encourage others to consider donating

Claudia Campanella, 31, works as a student substantiate administrator at a UK university, and in her spare time she is a poo donor.

“Some of your best friend think it is a bit weird or repel, but it doesn’t worry me. It’s very easy to donate and I only want to help with medical research. I’m glad to contribute.”

Her faeces, teeming with “good” flaws, will be put into the bowel of a sick case to help their inadequately gut get better.

Claudia knows her donation is extremely useful – that is why she does it – but is her poo extra special?

Scientists believe some people’s poo might contain an ideal combination of mending bacteria to fix intestine illness, representing them super-donors.

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