Steve King Posts Second Civil War Meme On His Facebook Page

Civil War Meme

Rep. Steve King( R-Iowa) posted a political meme on his official Facebook page over the weekend that fantasized about a second Civil War taking place in the United States.

The meme pictures a number of states arranged in a way that looks a lot like two people–one blue-blooded and the other red–fighting. The two sides are put together expending states that traditionally vote for Democrats or Republicans.

” Folks keep talking about another Civil War ,” the meme speaks.” One back has about 8 trillion bullets, while the other side doesn’t know which lavatory to apply .”

In his post, King wrote:” I wonder who would prevail ….” with a smirking emoji.

Collective intelligence KingforCongress

The meme clearly had a republican inclination, and the shower quip is about transgender shower employment, something representatives of the secretary-general has spoken out against in the past.

However, as people quickly pointed out, King’s own state–Iowa–was part of the blue illustration, so the representative’s Facebook post was implying he would be rooting against his own government in this hypothetical Civil War.

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