Stephen Colbert Trolls Sarah Sanders For Future Lies On Trump’s Behalf

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is continually blamed as being the “liar in chief” for President Donald Trump. She has been called out by the likes of The Washington Post, PolitiFact and even comedian Jim Carrey.

On Friday, Stephen Colbert took the analysi to a new tier on “The Late Show” by calling her out for lying in the future.

The opening for the prove peculiarity a newscaster reporting Jan. 25 on Sanders’ response to the indictment of former Trump campaign consultant Roger Stone.

“This has nothing to do with the president. This has nothing to do with the White House, ” Sanders says, to the newscaster’s surprise.

Then the newscaster turns to the Feb. 5 subpoena of Trump’s inaugural committee for potential corruption.

“It doesn’t involve his campaign, it doesn’t involve the president and it has nothing to do with the White House, ” Sanders says, stimulating more skepticism from the newscaster.

Finally, the newscaster provides information on April 6, 2019, that the White House — the actual residence — has been subpoenaed for “possible collusion.”

Check out the video above for Sanders’ response.

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