Shin Lim Stuns Larry King With a Card Trick

welcome back we continue with shenlin who is the incredible sleight-of-hand artist one on America’s Got Talent he’ll be performing a lot in Vegas all next year and he’s going to do a trick for us right now I resented deck of cards I do have mark over here I’m gonna riffle down you just say stop any time okay stop right there it doesn’t it doesn’t matter if I see okay you’re gonna write your name on all of your cards write my name yeah or or sign it doesn’t matter the camera can see it yeah I break it so with the eight of clubs we’ll get the next card over the four can do the same thing over there make sure you know yep or you can draw a picture anything you want whatever you want also a little happy face that’s amazing so we have the four and the eight I’m tell you what have you hang out like this cool can you grip on the card like this right just like that hold it we have the four over here if I can shake the four one two three and now the eights over here and then you have the floor maybe you’ve seen that before though yeah you probably you’ve seen that before so tell you what if I can bend the cards like this and tear it I’ll make it a little bit unique maybe you haven’t seen this one before so we have the four and we have the eight yeah tell you what we’ll take the four we’ll just place in my pocket okay so we have the eight right over here watch I can put it together if I float just enough we can actually get the eight to restore tell you what I’ll grab the four Larry do you see the four no it’s imaginary but if you imagine it enough I can actually get not just the eight but the for tourist store as well and if I squeeze again both the 4 and the 8 restore but they also switch places you can check that was bet your signature both cards how the hell did you do that I saw your teddies in half they are a half of each card you try to peel it or do whatever you want you can keep it’s yours Oh what happened with what you putting the card you put in yet nevermind and this is a trick it’s a trick it’s it’s anyone can do it anyone can learn it’s just like a piano piece but I saw the cards torn apart yes all sleight of hands sleight of hand you can’t do it it’s not like self work and you’ll have to practice a lot of I mean you can do it I got a question yes you tore these cards in half yeah I saw you tear these cars in half I saw with my eyes these cards ripped in half how are they together oh that’s the that’s the part that’s confusing well they are my signature they are the cards there’s the face that I drew the cos are now attached to each other this is gonna bug me never miss a beat subscribe to Larry King now and watch new episodes every day

Author: Moderator