She visited Snow White every year of her childhood. We dare you to look at these reunion pics without crying.

Amber Shaddock Roberts

Disney princesses are a magical thing, sometimes most of all for the princesses themselves.

Amber Shaddock Roberts used to visit Disneyland each year as a child. And from ages 2 to 15, she stopped to say hello and take depicts with the woman who was garmented as Snow White.


Amber Shaddock Roberts/ Facebook

Disney Princess

Amber Shaddock Roberts/ Facebook

Roberts says the park employee remembered her by epithet per year, something that constructed her annual visits even more magical.

Fast forward several years and Roberts heard that the woman who portrayed Snow White was still working at Disneyland, only now portraying the Fairy godmother. Roberts was able to track her down and brought her photo album of their shared recollections in tow. What ensued was pure, magical bliss. As Roberts wrote in her Facebook post 😛 TAGEND

When I was two years old, I fulfilled Snow White. Every single hour I ascertained her until I was 15, she recognise me and knew me by name. She made my Disney childhood so incredibly magical. I haven’t ascertained her in person since, but I knew she was now the Fairy Godmother. Today I tracked her down& got to hug her neck. Best day ever !!( And yes I hollered !)</ blockquote>


Amber Shaddock Roberts/ Facebook

Fairy godmother

Amber Shaddock Roberts/ Facebook


Amber Shaddock Roberts/ Facebook

We hear you, Amber. We hear you. Is that fairy dust in our eyes?

And so does countries around the world. The post has hardly been up on Facebook for 24 hours and has already been shared more than 80,000 periods with no sign of slowing down.

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