Seth Meyers slams racist photo on Virginia governor’s yearbook page

After a racist photo on his 1984 yearbook page surfaced on Friday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was called on to resign. So, he impounded a news conference to substantiate he’s not a racist. It didn’t goes right .

It was almost too easy for Seth Meyers, who took “A Closer Look” at the disagreement on Monday, and including with regard to, the governor’s backtracking for purposes of determining whether the image of a person wearing blackface, and another wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, actually boasted him.

After apologising for being in the photo, Northam afterwards changed his narration, claiming he knew he wasn’t in it. Why? He pointed to another day he wore blackface, when he performed a Michael Jackson routine in a disco competition. Really.

“He’s actually arguing that it couldn’t have been him in blackface because there was a different period he wore blackface, ” said Meyers. “It’s not a protection, that’s a acknowledgment. Try that next time a officer plucks you over: ‘Officer, I’m totally sober. Generally when I drive drunk I veer a lot more.'”

For the most part, Meyers joked about Northam’s defence, but threw the reality of the situation quite simply.

“Even if it’s not you in the photo, admitting that you did wear blackface at a different episode is likewise disqualifying, ” he said. “It’s not just an embarrassing storey, it’s racist and dehumanising.”

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