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we do have breaking news tonight and is breaking news from Democratic leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer he has written a letter to president Trump’s Director of National Intelligence dan coates telling him to educate the president Chuck Schumer is siding with Dan coats and the other leaders of intelligence agencies who were criticized by the president today for completely disagreeing with him in their public testimony to the Senate yesterday giving their assessment of the worldwide threats that the United States faces Senator Schumer’s letter to director Coates says president Trump’s criticisms of the testimony you and the other intelligence leaders provided to Congress yesterday was extraordinarily inappropriate and will undermine public confidence in the US government’s efforts to protect our national security and preserve us power and influence abroad I believe it is incumbent on you director ray and director Haskell to insist on an immediate meeting with the President to educate him about the facts and raw intelligence underlying the intelligence community assessments and to oppress and press upon him how critically important it is for him to join you and the leadership of our intelligence community in speaking with a unified accurate voice about national security threats he is putting your colleagues in an untenable position and hurting the national interest in the process you must find a way to make that clear to him educate him in other words do the impossible do what no one has ever been able to do no previous president has ever publicly attacked all of the heads of America’s intelligence gathering agencies and all of the people working in those agencies that is what Donald Trump did today because the 42 page report of the worldwide threat assessment presented to the Senate yesterday by the heads of those agencies is actually the worked product of everyone working in those agencies the title of the document is worldwide threat assessment of the US intelligence community work of thousands of people went into that document including thousands of people who were not being paid for some of the time that that document was being produced because of the Trump shutdown of the government this is one of those days where we try to reach for the language that will place this event in history we try to find the words to convey the enormity of the aberrant behavior the president displayed and when we try to find those words now we fail because the language has been exhausted by Donald Trump the word unprecedented has no power anymore the word outrageous has no power the word irresponsible means nothing anymore in the same sentence with the words Donald Trump but some of us will still try and some of us have apparently given up the New York Times initial reporting of what the president said today made no attempt at all to convey the profound presidential perversity of Donald Trump issuing a tweet this morning in which he screamed they are wrong exclamation point at what he called the intelligence people the nearest Times report on that and other tweets attacking the intelligence people said it is unusual for the president to pick a fight with his intelligence chiefs that kind of reporting is total victory for Donald Trump the brainwashing is working the outrage fatigue is working the New York Times is completely wrong it is not unusual what the president did today was not unusual it has never happened to be unusual it has to have happened before but not very often never never unusual is not the word for what happened today the heads of our intelligence agencies have been routinely appearing before the Senate to present the worldwide threat assessment of the intelligence community year in and year out and never before has a president the United States written a public statement saying they are wrong they are all wrong in his second tweet about their testimony the president said perhaps intelligence should go back to school what school I went to the best schools I am like a very smart person I went to an Ivy League school I’m very highly educated I know words I had the best words I went to the Wharton School of Finance maybe the hardest school to get into in the country the Wharton School of Finance and I was very good really good one thing we know they did not teach Donald Trump at the Wharton School was intelligence no president has ever publicly insulted the heads of all American intelligence gathering agencies and everyone working in those agencies the way President Trump Trump did today perhaps intelligence should go back to school all of them everyone working at the CIA everyone working on counterintelligence at the FBI everyone at the NSA thousands and thousands of people they should all go back to school now I am NOT one to police typos on Twitter but in a tweet where you’re telling houses of people to go back to school you should not have mistakes like their economy is now crashing that of course should be th e I are and there seems to be no one named Trump who knows that their schools did not teach that apparently Donald Trump is now telling us that the people he appointed he appointed he put in charge of intelligence gathering for the defense of the United States of America should go back to school he’s telling us his choices for those jobs are incompetent we’ve got the best people I know the best people we’re gonna use our best people the best people the best people I know guys that is so good Donald Trump promised his voters that he would hire the best people and two years into his presidency what has happened to those best people what has happened includes being indicted pleading guilty to federal crimes being fired resigning and of course being publicly attacked by Donald Trump the person who hired them Donald Trump is telling his true believers today and only as true believers because no one else believes this he’s telling them that this government’s intelligence gathering agencies are wrong they are failing in their mission to help defend the United States of America Donald Trump is telling his followers that after two full years of the Trump presidency the intelligence community has run by Donald Trump’s appointees is a complete failure it is Donald Trump’s latest insult to the intelligence of his followers and his latest insult to the people he has appointed now if you’re Dan coats the Director of National Intelligence and the president directly insults you publicly today how and why do you stay in your job the only reason for the Director of National Intelligence or the director of the CIA or the director of the FBI or the director of the National Security Agency to stay in their jobs after being publicly insulted by the President of the United States today is that they all recognize that the unstated threat to this country that did not appear in their written report is actually the President of the United States himself and they are staying in those jobs to defend this country against the threat of the Donald Trump presidency dan coates served as a member of the House of Representatives he served as a Republican member of the United States Senate and was never once insulted by any member of the House or any senator the way he was insulted by Donald Trump today and like everyone who worked in the Senate when Dan Coates was a member I am absolutely confident that if senator coats had ever been insulted like this he would have immediately taken to the floor of the United States Senate and responded to that insult with righteous indignation the only thing that I can think of that keeps dan coates in that job tonight after president Trump has made the job much more difficult to do and after President Donald Trump specifically and directly insulted Dan Coates today the only reason I can think of the Dan Coates is staying in that job is to help defend this country against the threat of Donald Trump which was actually something that Dan Coates in effect yesterday promised to discuss with Senators in private he’s according to press reports Donald Trump met privately with Vladimir Putin and no one in the US government has the full story about what was discussed director Coates would this put you in a disadvantaged position in terms of understanding Russia’s efforts to advance its agenda against the United States Senator clearly this is a sensitive issue and it’s an issue we ought to talk about this afternoon like put forward to discussing that in a closed session leading off our discussion now Nick Rasmussen former Director of National Counterterrorism Center and an NBC News and MSNBC national security intelligence analyst Eugene Robinson associate editor and Pulitzer prizing opinion writer for The Washington Post he’s an MSNBC political analyst and Ron Klain a former senior adviser to Joe Biden and President Obama and a former chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and Ron I want to start with you because I know you served in the on the Senate staff when Dan Coates was there your reaction to this direct insult by the president directly to Dan Coates and then this moved by Chuck Schumer tonight with a letter directly to Dan Coates telling him he as he put it educate him I mean in effect asking Dan Coates to do the impossible educate Donald Trump yeah look I mean I’m not only worked in the Senate I’m from Indiana I worked on campaigns against Dan coats and in Indiana politics even his opponents wouldn’t say anything yeah one tenth of what his boss said about him today so that’s outrageous and as for Senator Schumer’s letter I mean look I think it may be missing the point this may not be an issue of Donald Trump being educated or Don rafters being a stubborn old real estate developer who still thinks the gold plating is the solution to all problems Donald Trump this may be the product of compromise compromise corruption and collusion d’entre may not be mistaken about these things he may be taking direction from his friends in Russia telling him what to do about these things and you know education may not fix that Lawrence Eugene your reaction to this back and forth today the the president’s attacks on his own appointees is that these are all people he appointed he chose and when he chose him he told us they were the best unprecedented shocking disgraceful those are words that could have been used instead of unusual I don’t mean to pick on the New York Times I understand the language in here and I’m sure that as they develop their reporting on this they’re not going to leave it as I know they’re not and look it as an old newspaper bed you know it has taken us a while to learn the language we need to use to describe Donald Trump and sometimes we backslide but but that’s so the time to be back doesn’t pick on them you know one of the things that’s true but and Ron’s absolutely right this could reflect a compromised president the likes of which we have never had and you know a huge national security crisis for the for the country the other thing it reflects to is on the list of things the long list of things that make dumb Donald Trump unfit to be brother the United States pretty high on the list is the fact that once he gets an idea in his mind and and states it and says this is the way reality is even though it isn’t it he is impervious to fact and argument he his mind cannot be changed you can show him that no two plus two does not equal five mr. president it equals four and here you know and you’ve been but he won’t listen and he gets mad at anybody who tries to correct him and this is what’s reported again and again and again on by people who will attempt to breathe him and to educate him so Chuck Schumer’s letter really is you know this is a Sisyphean task no and I I am assuming that Chuck Schumer is aware of everything you just said and he’s using these words like educate him and convince him make it clear to him because he knows when people see those words written everyone oh well that’s impossible he can’t he can’t be educated Nick Rasmussen talked about the effect that this that what the President did today has on the intelligence community the thousands of people whose work was gathered into that report that was presented yesterday well thanks Lawrence and let me come at this from the perspective of director Coates and and and he has been someone who has stood up for the intelligence community publicly and with the President on any number of occasions that we know about and certainly probably on occasions we don’t know about and and that’s something that is noticed and appreciated by the intelligence officers across all of the seventeen different intelligence agencies that said it can’t help this kind of spat this kind of disrespect shown to the intelligence community expressed contempt for the capability and competence of intelligence professionals it can’t help but undermine kind of morale in the work force and the the feeling of what the what the intelligence committee is providing to the president is first-class work and the intelligence committee knows that but to hear that from their president has to be troubling and it certainly isn’t reassuring you know if you’re Dan coats though from my perspective he’s not a normal cabinet member most cabinet members are there to advance the political objectives of the president dan coats is there to speak for the intelligence community and bring intelligence the best possible intelligence to the table so from my perspective I do hope he stays I do hope he continues to do that I do hope he continues to stand up and speak on behalf of the community the the the the fact that the the president just says they are wrong it’s just a blanket they are wrong the nothing like that of course has ever occurred before but is the intelligence community is it your sense the Intelligence Committee has somehow internalized this kind of thing are kind of ready for it and they’re just determined to continue to do their work in the face of it I think that’s a great way of thinking about it because I have a tremendous amount of faith and confidence in the professionalism of intelligence officers all across our community and if I used to tell the the folks that worked with me at the National Counterterrorism Center if the reaction of a president or any one individual to your work throws you off your stride then there’s something wrong with the way you’re approaching your work you’ve got a mission your job is to do the best possible job of protecting the security of the national of the United States of America and our fellow citizens and what the president says on a given day shouldn’t shouldn’t necessarily throw you off the beam run my my one notion of this I mean you raise the possibility that the reason the president does this is that he is compromised and so that that actually involves a form of logic it’s criminal logic but there’s a logic to it there’s also just the completely empty-headed version of this which is that you know people talk about well where does he get his information I think it’s entirely possible he has no information there is nothing inside that brain and he just asserts something and then when someone says something counter to it they are wrong is what he’s been saying since he was three years old whenever so he is he has no thought he has nothing but reflex and that’s the most innocent explanation of what we saw today yeah I mean that is the most innocent but horrifying echo yeah the president and unfit to serve unfit to serve who goes with his gut who rejects as you said the work of thousands of people I mean I think the thing that people out there watching should understand is it’s not just the five or six heads of these agencies sitting at the table who are Trump appointees people he picked who say he’s wrong it’s the thousands of career people go to their lives and billions of dollars of US technology that generates all this information the president says on a whim on a gut or because he’s been influenced by other people I’m just rejecting all that that makes us all unsafe and you know it just puts the country and this Intelligence Committee in a horrible situation presents can debate intelligence findings presidents can disagree but just to stand out there and say hey these people are all wrong that’s crazy gene dan coates response to Chuck Schumer’s letter will there be one that he will respond maybe he’d want to respond in a bit of private with the president was there Chuck I would meet you with the bar we’re gonna have to take a break here Nick Rasmussen Eugene Robinson Ron Klain thank you for starting us off tonight thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC

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