Santa’s journey will still be tracked, despite U.S. government shutdown

The 63 -year tradition prevails, even when things at the White House are not well .

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Even though the U.S. government’s shutdown has forced agencies to run with a skeleton faculty, it won’t be affecting a long-running vacation tradition.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command( NORAD) confirmed that it’ll still be tracking Santa’s journey on Christmas eve, which it has done so for the last 63 years.

Every year, around 1,500 volunteers take calls and answer emails from kids around the world about the whereabouts of Santa Claus with the help of satellite systems, high-powered radars and jet fighters.

In 2018, NORAD will likewise be writing Santa’s location on social media, nonetheless, an estimated 140,000 calls are still expected to be made to the hotline, with volunteers taking two-hour shifts to answer enquiries.

NORAD Tracks Santa wouldn’t have started if not for a typo appearing on a newspaper ad back in 1955. The ad was placed on behalf of Sears, purporting to be from Santa himself.

“HEY KIDDIES! Call me on my private phone and I will talk to you personally any time day or night, ” the ad read.

The ad wrote the incorrect telephone number, which directed to a top-secret CONAD( the predecessor to NORAD) line reserved for reporting a crisis. On obligation was Colonel Harry Shoup, who received a call from a child looking for Santa Claus.

Shoup, initially believing it was a prank, was incensed. But after realising it was indeed from small children, Shoup decided to play along as Santa.

Then, more calls from children came in, thus beginning a long holiday tradition that’s persevered to this day. Even if all in the White House is not well.

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