Robert Pattinson is the new Batman

After weeks of speculation, the actor has officially inherited the keys to the Batmobile from Ben Affleck


The actor who shot to fame as a vampire in the Twilight films will take on another nocturnal hero: Batman. Pattinson, 33, acquires the character from Ben Affleck, whose tenure came to an result after the critical and commercial-grade disappointments of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Pattinson’s first movie as the billionaire crime boxer Bruce Wayne, who assumes a full-body black costume to duel baddies in Gotham City, will be designation The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, and specified for secrete in June 2021. Originally scheduled to start shooting in 2017, The Batman is likely to be the first solo Caped Crusader film to are all part of the DC Extended Universe.

The Warner Bros studio confirmed to Variety on Friday that Pattinson had trounced the other calls on the shortlist- which included Nicholas Hoult- to the role. Following breakthrough achievements in the Harry Potter and Twilight dealerships, Pattinson has expended some years steering clear of the mainstream, instead are concerned with administrators such as David Cronenberg, David Michod, the Safdie brothers and James Gray.

His recent collaboration with the French head Claire Denis, erotic sci-fi mystery High Life, won Pattinson considerable acclaim. He likewise stars in one of the best-reviewed films from this year’s Cannes celebration: Robert Eggers’s The Lighthouse, an intense psychodrama set in 19 th-century Maine.

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