Reviewing January 17th NHL Games

it’s early it’s early on a night where we have seven games that I’m starting the review already but here we are and it was the best of times it was the worst of times really depends on who you’re rooting for here no real pattern of road or home losses really kind of all over the place and the results there’s some surprises along the way so let’s go ahead and start things off with Boston at home against st. Louis and as a Boston fan they spent a lot of this game saying oh boy oh crap oh boy our first period no scoring solid road period for st. Louis and I thought Jake Allen looked pretty good that first period for st. Louis and I thought okay alright let’s let’s hope that Allen shows some cracks because on the road he’s been pretty good over the last month second period Torey Krug scores from Krejci and celeriac and it’s a really nice goal for Crewe really nice to see him get a goal been a while for him and then before you can really think about how great that is not even a minute later Ryan O’Reily scores from Cairo and Perron to make it 1-1 and then shortly thereafter Gunnarsson makes it 2-1 st. Louis from Schwartz and Shen and that’s what my Tourette’s kicked in because again you know I worried about Boston against st. Louis because this is kind of what happens with Boston those those comeback goals against them have been biting them lately Bacchus then scores from Chara and Krejci so Bacchus maybe being a healthy scratch than the last game helped him out maybe helped him realize hey I’m I’m really not pulling my weight considering the contract they’ve given me and I need to do a little more out there either way it’s 2-2 after 2/3 period Chris Wagner and I can’t say enough good things about Chris Wagner in his game and I don’t know I don’t know how long Wagner is gonna be with the Bruins I don’t know what kind of role he’s gonna play all I know is he plays every forward role and it doesn’t seem no matter which line he’s on he produces he scores from fours back at Carlsen to make it 3 to 2 after that Marchand scored from McEvoy and Bergeron which was a really nice one Mac boy played that one perfect and I’ve been hoping to see that kind of play from Charlie McAvoy because he has been struggling lately and then it’s an empty netter from Kiraly bike rally from Krejci and Wagner Wagner should have had that empty net and he missed it and then it looked like Krejci I missed it and I thought okay this come on guys just put it away so your final score is five to two for Boston and the end the Boston Bruins win the game the funny thing is that as the shot totals go they went more st. Louis’s way as Boston started to take over the game shots in the first period Boston out shot st. Louis 13 to 9 in the first st. Louis out shot Boston 11 8 in the second 10 to 6 and the third final shots 31st st. Louis 27 for Boston Tuukka Rask solid game Allen 22 saves on 26 shots we’re asked 28 saves on 30 shots I don’t think goaltending was the difference I’m not gonna put this one on Allen this was this was a solid home game for Boston it looked like in the 3rd period that Boston kind of asserted themselves here they did allow more shots than they got that they did they did assert themselves as hey we’re at home what’s going on here so that was that was nice to see the words in the game for st. Louis the trick now with st. Louis is to not have this turn into our own old pattern they kind of got jinx by the hockey news today the Hockey News released an article on how well st. Louis was playing and how they’re back in the race and that was right after a loss to the Islanders now they’ve lost to Boston so let’s just hope that that that’s not a pattern that’s starting up the here our st. Louis thinks it would be frustrating to get that close and then watch them just nosedive again next up Oh frustrating I cannot describe how frustrated I am with Dallas right now or how frustrated I am with the West that nobody looks like they’re willing to take this team out of the playoffs I figured they lose tonight regulation Minnesota wins and regulation I again started talking about our Minnesota really probably doesn’t belong here or I don’t know Colorado knocks them down it’s not happening we’ll see if it happens let’s see Colorado play tomorrow no they don’t so can’t happen tomorrow either Dallas yeah this was this was embarrassing and I’m gonna get to it because Dallas announcers really meant it’s not like hey they did everything they could Campbell stood on his head yeah there’s a problem with that first period Dustin Brown scores from Doughty and Carter that made it 1 nothing for LA second period Hagelin from Toffoli and it’s kind of a sleepy game it’s two nothing la grand total shots by Dallas two the first two periods 1111 third period to get 19 shots Lyndell scores from Raja loving Klingberg in their fight and rake till the bitter end and hey at least at least they fought in the end this is the Kings this is the worst team in the West this is one of the lowest rated teams in the entire national hockey league and you needed a strong third period to barely lose to them at home yeah yeah but that’s that a great third period though so they can build on that and going into their game against Winnipeg I have to admit I am a Dallas fan I’ve been a Dallas fan since they got to Dallas because it was a Minnesota North Stars fan before that but I hope when a peg goes in and absolutely carpet bombs them because this this this team has got to get blown up somehow Jim Nils on the hook for this Jim Nelson GM long enough that this is his team he’s got to figure this out as much as Anaheim’s moving things around and trying to figure out what’s wrong in Minnesota seems to be doing that as well Dallas has got to get in on this act and start freaking Asia and and it’s not colleano for for Devon Shore Devon sure doesn’t make this a win tonight that’s not a thing but there has to be some change in the core of this team when you’ve got an assistant coach interviewed before the third knee said we’ve got too many passengers and he’s saying it the players right there can hear him and nobody goes like that and I’m like I would I would be an embarrassed millionaire to be sitting there on a bench and have a coach behind me who’s probably making less than I am as a player saying yeah we got too many passengers right now or at the very least now just guy next to me go do what he’s saying we’ve got to go out in the third pair you’ve got on this and not only that but they shouldn’t have needed somebody in the third period selling their passengers they shouldn’t have needed that that pep talk it’s it’s absolutely ridiculous shots in this game seven to six for LA in the first nine to five for LA in the second third period Dallas out shot them 19 to three final shots 30 for Dallas 19 for LA they do not tell the story because Dallas didn’t wake up until it was too late because Jack Campbell saves 29 out of 30 give Campbell a lead going into the third against his former team it’s it’s poetic for for Campbell Campbell’s got to be coming out of tonight and saying well we may not be in the playoffs but I did my part to make sure the team that let me go they don’t make the playoffs either Bishop saves 1719 I I don’t have an issue with Bishop in this game but boy boy oh boy I tell you I I want to see them just just get carpet-bombed next up Toronto this was a fantastic game of the Toronto Maple Leafs now I did a video yesterday where we talked about Neil endure being on the third line or two days ago I talked about Neil endure being on the third line and it came out yesterday that Babcock was moving him up to the first line to to play with with I believe Matthews and marner right no no markers on the Tavares line anyways and they were switching out the third line now and they were in response to that video where I talked about Neil endure pointing up three points at 17 games everybody the result not everybody that’s Lots for white a bit there there are some in Toronto fan in amongst Ronal fans who believe that the problem was Marlowe and catcher you’ve got them with the wrong line mates so what do they do they put Chris Perry Kappa Ninh with Kadri and and Marlowe and what happens to me they’re the best line on the ice for Toronto and probably the best line on the ice for the whole game Cap’n and plays absolutely out of his mind first period Braden point scores from Stamkos and headman and the thought process at that point would be re so tamp is probably gonna win this but you know as long as Toronto has a good showing so it’s one nothing for Tampa then CAD scores from Cap’n and and Marlow there’s some of that moxie and and Kadri looked quite quite happy with himself and he got that goal so what happens here is that now the Leafs are tied 1-1 after one that’s a good results if you’re Leif and you’re happy with this because Tampa and Toronto are playing very evenly and Freddie Anderson looks pretty solid he’s going to get better second period of marlowe scores from his 8 7 Kadri sites have another one that people talked a lot about and say things about and yet here he is on the board headman then scores from ku Chavan points so the headsman goal was beautiful beautiful drop pass by coot by Kuchar off and you’re thinking r8 so this is where tamp was gonna take over no marner scores from Tavares and Johnson before the end of the second period it is three to two for the Toronto Maple Leafs after two periods third period what do they do they rely on on Andersen for the most part uh Toronto didn’t sit on the lead I’m not gonna try to make this sound like what it was something it wasn’t Tampa controlled a lot of the play but Toronto didn’t sit back either Tampa played very well on the 3rd could not solve Anderson and then the empty net goal is scored it’s Hyman from Zeit seventh of ours so Tavares with two assists Zaitsev gets two assists tonight and overall it’s a great road game for the Toronto Maple Leafs now this is kind of what I was talking about this morning your Tampa Bay you’re up by a lot it is easy to start falling back at the same time I did not see any quit and Tampa I didn’t see the Tampa was just going through the motions at home the shots in this game show that too they out shot Toronto the whole way along 10 9 in the first 12 to 8 in the second 16 14 and the third final shots 38 for Tampa 31 for Toronto solid game for Toronto great game for Freddy Anderson he saves 36 out of 38 Vasilevsky saves 27 out of 30 and in the third when it looked like Tampa should tie it Anderson was wherever the puck what he was he was right there every time they took a shot he was right there and he made the perfect place so if Freddy Anderson ends up being the Vezina Trophy goaltender this year this may very well be the game you look back on and say that’s where he wanted next up what a peg now I’ve been down on Winnipeg for winning games lately that they maybe should have lost where there was some good fortune that smiled upon them and maybe they weren’t playing particularly well here’s the thing teams can go two ways with that you have a team that has a winning streak where maybe they shouldn’t win certain games they end up going into a losing streak so they end up going to a skin or you have a team that maybe recognizes it makes that correction and maintains the winning and tonight when a peg definitely look like a team that was ready to maintain the winning now what one peg did tonight is amazing because they go into Nashville against a team that should have felt pretty good at coming off their last win and they humble them at home and they quieted that Nashville fanbase because as obnoxious as it may seem for visiting fans and visiting players going to Nashville the whole chanting at the goalie you suck and all that stuff it is it is something that definitely helps their team the the Nashville fans and their passion definitely helps the Predators when they’re going tonight they weren’t going first period it’s Lemieux from Mauro it’s one nothing so one nothing after one for Winnipeg that’s how you start a good road game second period Mason Appleton scores from Mauro and neek Newsome Mauro with two assists thus far those two goals from your fourth line that’s a good good turn Arvidsson then scores from Ellis and forsberg for people keeping track at home our bertson’s got nine goals in the month of January he leads the league in that category that’s all Nashville gets so while you’re waiting for this big turn of the tide and this great third period where things are really close not little scores from line a and Ross Levesque to make it three to one so the third line gets on the board there third period it’s it’s more of your bottom six Tanev from e ku and Peru and then Lemieux from cop and Mauro so Morel his first career three-point game tonight and for Winnipeg they stay win by a final score of five to one you’ll notice no Blake wheeler he had a goal that was called back know safely no sign of the big guns lining with the one assist he didn’t get a goal so all of your your big guns your your big star players for Winnipeg don’t show up on the score sheet and yet they win in Nashville five to one it is it is a big game and it shows what a pig’s depth for Nashville it’s very very frustrating at home you’re already up cut up against it kind of because you’ve played more games than Winnipeg so they have a game and they have two games in hand coming into tonight and they’re two points ahead now they’re leaving Nashville four points ahead so for Nashville the pressures not really on because nobody behind them is winning enough so for Nashville second is fine and it doesn’t look like anybody’s threatening them for that spot in the division second is pretty much theirs by default right now but yeah tonight was a game that you want cuz you don’t want to finish second you’d like to finish first you’d like a shot at the number two wild card and not third in your division even though your divisions kind of not playing well right now shots in this game Winnipeg in Nashville both had 11 in the first shots are 14 13 for Winnipeg in the second third period Nashville out shoots want to pick 14 to 9 for final shot totals of 38 for Nashville 34 for Winnipeg Halla bucks saves 37 out of 38 that’s the Conner hollaback we knew last year we’ve been seeing a lot of the corner hollaback that was mediocre two years ago tonight we see the corner hollaback from this past season and early this year Renea 29 saves on 34 shots we’re going to have to have a conversation with Nashville at some point with the whole Renee situation because his stats continue to fall and we’re into a situation here where Renee’s not a favorite for for Vesna he’s not in a conversation for Vesna and I I don’t know what Nashville right now if they even look like a team that would would went around that being said which third-place team in the central would stop them I will say this if one a peg in Nashville meet in the playoffs if this is any indication it might be a quick state quick series in front in favor of one a peg there was a lot left to happen there’s a lot of hockey left to be played but I’m just throwing that out there Winnipeg really got on their horse tonight and they got her done next up islanders this is one of those trap games right this is one of those you look at it on your schedule it might be easy to take New Jersey for granted because New Jersey they suck on the Rhode Islanders didn’t do that they stomp on them early and that’s it and and this is a new Islanders team this is an Islanders team that gets this lead and and makes it work as opposed to last year’s team where you get a lead and then sort of wait for it to fall apart the Islanders now set one point behind first-place Columbus for first in the division first place Columbus let that sink in that Columbus and the Islanders could be the top two teams in the Metro not because washington and pittsburgh aren’t any good but because the islanders in columbus are playing that well right now Columbus on a four-game winning streak themselves first period lead from Letty and Eberly which makes me think that everybody with the Islanders should have a suffix to the name of e because it’s it it rolls off the tongue Lee Letty Everly then the second goal messes all of that up it’s del colle from a field in Komarov of course del Cole’s got to get in there he’s played well and the games that I’ve been watching of the Islanders he’s played well well there’s a lot of talk about Jose and him being sent down on what’s going with whole saying del colle looks like he’s developed his game and adapted so he can stay in the NHL he may never reach that offensive potential that he was seen to have when they drafted him but he’s playing his role as he has to to stay in the league everly from Letty and Nelson so you almost get the e thing there with Everly Letty and then Nelson ruins it that makes it three nothing and that’s really all they need it really is second period on New Jersey got a grand total of four shots in the second period like I said this is a new New York Islanders team last year how many times at this point last year and I already talked to both the Islanders allowing 50 shots minimum 40 it seemed like they were allowing 55 some nights it was just crazy this team doesn’t do that whether it’s berry trots whether it’s some system they brought in whether it’s just a bounced back by the defense corps after an off season things look way better for the Islanders no scoring in the second third period Green gets a goal from Severson and brat and that’s the only goal that New Jersey will score Lee then scores from Bailey into the empty net and that’s it so the New York Islanders win this one four to one there’s never any tension there’s never any doubt it’s a win for the Islanders move on to the next game next game is tomorrow night in Washington that’s gonna be a barn burner and I don’t think we saw that coming cuz you got Barry trout’s against his former team and it’s a competition to see who could potentially be first in the division because Columbus is at home to Montreal tomorrow uh-huh yeah I’ve already started the board for tomorrow so I’m just peaking at it now this was a great this was a great game for the Islanders though first period the shots New Jersey out shoots the Islanders six to five three of those five shots go in for the Islanders 12 2 for the shots in favor of the Islanders in the second and nine to three in the third so New Jersey down three nothing after one managed seven shots the rest of the way they come up with a total of 17 shots the Islanders get 26 Blackwood saves 22 out of 25 Leonard safe 16 out of 17 easy night for Leonard he’ll take it no problem he’s got to be happy with that and for the Islanders and four Islander fans who are getting kind of excited about this run it is continuing and they definitely look like a playoff team Buffalo did a month and a half ago as well so you gotta gotta take that with a grain of salt but hey right now we’re January 17th the Islanders looking like they could end up threatening for first in the division who knew Rangers neither of these teams are threatening for anything other than threatening each other’s position for potentially drafting Jack Hughes the Rangers come out on top which means Chicago comes out of this with a better position of draft jack used tonight the Rangers record is still decent enough that if they were in the West we’d be talking about the being in there in the hunt but in the East not so much they come out 4 to 3 Chicago this is yet another huge hit against a team that really play I swear they played well last week I feel I feel like the Chicago Blackhawks are that frog and I’m Porky Pig and and I can see them dancing in the box and nobody else sees it and I swear this frog dances well now this week everybody’s watching and it’s just dead first Prairie Brandon Saad scores from a nice team of and Seabrook I don’t know if he’s saying hello my baby hello my dear but either way that doesn’t last he told scores to tie it up and then Zuccarello from Crider install to make it two two one for the Rangers after one second period Crider scores to make it three two one and then in the third to bring cut scores from Gustafson and Kane to make it close but then Savannah had a really nice empty net I’d you know you don’t talk a lot about empty netters cuz it’s just fill you just throw it in the empty net very nice anticipation by his advantage out on the play unassisted empty net goal very well done for him Cahoon then scores from camp and Caggiula could Julia’s first point as a Blackhawk comes on a late goal to make it four to three but that’s your final score shots in this game Chicago out shot the Rangers 12 9 in the first the Rangers out shoot them from there 13 9 in the second and 11 to 6 and the third final shots 33 for the Rangers 27 for Chicago Delia saves 23 20 or 29 out of 30 – I should say and Lundqvist save 24 to 27 so long cthe save percentage takes another hit as we get closer to the all-star break it hasn’t been good it’s it’s been rough and it’ll be interesting to see how things go for the Rangers coming out of the all-star break because I understand that they’re going to probably be sellers but how much do you want to tear down how much do you have to tear down as it just sue Carell oh there’s talk right now about schatten Kirk I don’t know the Chad Kirk’s going anywhere I really don’t and for Chicago what do you do do you do you try to retool or do you look at trading out somebody from the core obviously Duncan Keith has a lot of rumors tied to him they’re going to be a very interesting team to watch after the all-star break and tonight’s result kind of academic so moving on to the final game of the night Minnesota I’m not sure what you guys are doing but this whole hot and cold thing is making your fanbase angry tonight is no no different now for Anaheim fans if you’ve been in hibernation for a month you’ve missed nothing and your team won for the first time since you went to sleep tonight it was a big win early and they held on so unlike where they had the big three nothing lead against Pittsburgh and then that horribleness happened tonight no horribleness first period is henrique from Richie and Montour then raquel scores from shore and Montour so that’s Devon Devon Shores first point since I think November just it’s it’s been a while since he since he had a point in a game I know he hasn’t had a goal since November Gibbons then scores from wolenski to make it three nothing and that’s your scoring that’s it the Ducks ride it out or should I say they they sit back and let Gibson save their backsides second and third period no scoring because John Gibson decided he was willing this team to a win and he was willing himself to a shutout and it didn’t matter whether or not his team played well he was making the shutout happen and he he was making tremendous acrobatic saves right up till the end of this game even though they’re up three nothing he’s like no I’m I’m going to get this shutout we are going to win this game and they do shots in this game Anaheim actually owed Shaw Minnesota 13 to 10 in the first and then No 12 to 2 in the second 8:15 date in the third Minnesota out shot Anaheim badly in both periods two shots for Anaheim in the second how often we seeing that this year where teams get three or less shots in a period it’s just crazy final shots 37 for Minnesota 23 for Anaheim 37 saves shutout for Gibson so that’ll that’ll help us statistics quite a bit stay lock saves five out of eight he gets pulled out of the game I think it was 7 7 58 I think so in that third goal went in and then Dubnyk saves all 15 shots he faces from there on Minnesota yeah they’re not playing so they got some time to look at this and go home we can try to figure this out I’m guessing they play Saturday so you guys got to figure this out for Saturday um the Ducks guess what with this first win in 13 games there they’re tied for the last playoff spot their one point behind Dallas in Colorado the West is sad and because the West is sad and I’m if this if this shuffling by Bob Murray scared these guys enough that this is this is gonna be the result if that helped to will John Gibson to this kind of game maybe Anaheim can go on a bit of a run to counter counteract that 12 game losing streak and maybe they can solidify themselves as a playoff team I think thoughts of being a top three team and the Pacific are pretty darn remote at this stage but you can nail down the number one wild-card spot without much trouble really seriously without much trouble right now so there you go you guys are all caught up on tonight’s games we we saw some interesting results there are seven games on tomorrow as well I will make up my board tonight I will present you with the preview tomorrow morning but from now until then thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to hit like and subscribe if your browsing your way through picked up more than 100 subscribers again today that’s pretty fun I I will admit odd that’s fun and it’s humbling at the same time so thank you guys so much for all your support for watching and hey for those who want to watch me self-destruct over the Dallas Stars this is a great time to subscribe because we’re getting close thank you guys so much though for for watching tonight and every night and I’ll start again soon

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